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Fannie Belle & the Senior Sunshine Social Club

Fannie Belle - May 2018
May's Here Folks
The club erected a white grease board and update events to refresh our memory from one week to the next. Our tea room resembles a locker room  playbook outline.  Fun to summerize what CNN and mainstream media broadcast, then tune in FOX NEWS, airing  factual stories  that Americans are interested in.
The saga continues for remove Pres. Trump from office. Constant accusatory allegations raging from Russian collusion, golden showers and a hook up with a two bit stripper/porn and media whore. In contrast, Monica Lewinsky (22yr old) White House intern performing sex acts with the Bill Clinton in the Oval office of the White House. Their affair was a consenual relationship  that  was authenticated with the  "blue dress".  Droves of women came forward as the scandal was revealed accusing Clinton of rape, sexual harrassment, etc. The Clinton Political mafia's reputation is just get rid of the problem, "Elimination".  Not sure what the latest body count is. Clinton lied to the county, then admitted he lied about affair. The impeached President continued to be the Commander in Chief as if it's business as usual. After eight years in office, scandals brushed aside and he remains one of the most beloved Presidents in history.  However, the remnants of scandals remain. Overshadowing his Presidency is Hillary's  service as Sect. of State. From scandals to alleged  substantial crimes, mysterious deaths. For those liberals that hail her intelligence, she failed the N.Y. bar, passed the AR. bar in 1973 but license lapsed in 2003 due to lack of continuing CLE classes.
Now that the dust has semi settled after the 2016 election, the facts revealed. She accepted campaign contributions from questionable sources (Russia)--created a fake dossier to insurance scandal against candidate Trump. Bill had a tarmac meeting with Lynch, asking for Hillary's issue's to be referred to as "a matter". Thus involving the FBI director James Comey to hold a news conference stating that yes, in fact Hillary had committed unacceptable actions, destroyed evidence during and DOJ investigation. Committed major obstruction of justice. Who can tell a Clinton, "NO"? Apparently, no judicial  department.  Let's not forget Donna Brazile gave her the questions prior to the debate, additionally Hillary had a monitor on her podium with the answers.(Isn't that cheating). Watch the You Tube debate. Her staff member removes the device from her podium as she walks forward.  Now that Comey, Mc Cabe have been fired the probe is expanding. The dots are connecting from the DNC, Wasserman, Huma, to Obama. The trail of intrigue continues to be revealed as the memo's regarding the FISA warrants are disclosed.  The elitist of Hollywood and Democratic Party are still pretending Hillary lost the election due to Russian interference.  The Dems are dumber than DoDo birds and since penning her book, "What Happened", clearly she's out of touch with reality. During her book tour she broke a toe, broke her wrist and continues to slip and fail. Hillary's health isn't capable of the stamina the office of President requires.
A closer look at Stephanie Clifford/Stormy Daniels reveals she's not a reputable  source.  She began stripping at  17yr in sleazy bars in Baton Rouge, LA.  Quickly she entered the wealth filled world of porn and honed her skills in front of the camera. Appearing in 275 films and earning 3 awards for "Favorite Breast", other films include "Big Boob Bonanza", "Da Vaginal Code", " The Revenge of the Dildo's".  Her patriotic character came to light when in the Spring of 2009 she embarked on a listening tour of LA.  where she  told voters about her stance against Obama's economic stimulus. Her campaign slogan " Screw People Honestly".  Her campaign ended due to lack of funds. Ahhhh... Being the enterprising gold digger she jumped at the opportunity to rub elbows with VIPS at the golf tournment where the allegded tryst  occured 11 years prior to Trumps election. Frankly, we don't care WHO or WHY she was paid $160,000. in 2016. Stephanie's interviews on Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper, The View is  media mania. Those fools are being played by a 2 bit whore. Imagine her future if she had a tryst with Billy Boy and was in Hillarys reach. Possible we could be reading her obituary. Frankly, we see her as a threat to national security. Gift her with a one way ticket to Syria.  Since the standard  moral code of young America is the Kardashian reality TV. Their successful show has provided a shining example that it's not necessary to be educated. Carry on numerous affairs, mate with rappers and sports icons, have children. Doesn't take education or talent to become a famous elitist or style icon. Dress like a prostitute, make a porn film and have your mother release it to the public and boom..instant fame. Ah yes, that was the creation of Kim Kardashain.Kim traded her beat up VW for a Bently.. Sadly, our olympic hero Bruce Jenner surccumbed to amount of estrogen and pheromones in the house and driven to become a female named Caitlyn. Dramatic gesture to compete with the K. Klan. Fear not, his package in tact below the waist incase  the Caityn role no longer works, he has Bruce to return to. Achievements of Kaitlyn , wrote the book, named "Woman of the Year" (while having a dick).  He/She reality show was quickly  cancelled, he didn't have enough sports icons to mate with. That's a sure ratings maker.
 Stephanie/Stormy agent is a marketing genius and the creation of her "Make America Horny Again", fringes on insanity. To add insult the tour ended in West Palm Beach, FL.   Let's compare how many payoff's has Billy Boy paid? Don't forget beloved President J.F. K. had revolving doors for women in and out of the White House on a regular basis. But it's ok, he was a Democrat. 
James Comey and his recent book of comedy "A Higher Loyalty",  hee hee it's really "Jim's Folly" . The George Stephanopoulos interview proved Comey was totally unfit for the position of FBI director.  Jim incriminated not only himself but Andrew Mc Cabe as well. He admitted they are both liars and neglected to inform the FISA judge that Hillary paid for the unverified fake Steele  dossier. Additionally, why didn't Stephanopoulos ask second level questions on, Why didn't you tell the FISA court Hillary paid for the dossier.  Jim's favorite reply to every question,  "It's possible", - but I don't know. ...another question...I don't know the answer to that.  Seriously, so uninformed , but a powerful position, that put innocent people in jail. He has no legacy.. just a joke ..scary to know Comey and McCabe held such powerful positions. There is only hypocrisy and bipartianship at the top level of the DOJ. The fact that Comeys wife and daughters participated in the Women's March following the Inauguration, shows a total conflict of interest. Comey's political contributions should be investigated, and apparently his wife and daughters are as dumb as he is to protest the Comey's boss the President. yeppers... Comey should have been fired the first day Pres. Trump took office. Mueller's chasing Russian collusion then strayed to hyping an alleged bootie call by a stripper/porn slut. Beyond ridiculous and unjustified to raid Andrew Cohens home and office!  What was the hurry, the America public has been  told it would take 3 years for the Strzok-Page emails to be released. Why are they still employed by the FBI? Where's Hillary's emails?  Why hasn't the memo's been released to Chairman Nunes?
WE HAVE DECIDED JEFF SESSIONS COULD POSSIBLY BE A RUSSIAN PUPPET OF PUTIN'S.  Otherwise, why hasn't he invested Hillary, Obama, the upper level of the administration?  Could Mueller and Sessions both be Putin puppets? Neither is trustworthy.  J. Edgar Hoover was known for wearing ladies lingerie and hating Robert Kennedy. But did he pose a threat to the U.S.?
Thank you President Trump and Melania  for reconstructing America on a level that is fair to everyone. Their life of luxury and privacy is long gone. The unhinged fake media, congressional obstacles, constant criticism of Congress. It's scary the public can't trust the GOP not to throw our President under the bus.  Some  the seasoned Republicans (McCain, Flake, Rand,McConnell) will NOT contribute to the success of his agenda.
FOX News and the American people are aware and approve and praise the President for his many achievements. Hallelujah, amen and thank you Jesus for Pres. Donald J. Trump and his wisdom and tenacity.
Enjoy Mother's Day and Memorial Day creating good memories with loved ones.
Our motto - "Shoulders Back"- "Knockers Up" - "Swing those Hips"!
Fannie Belle and the Senior Sunshine Social Club


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