Deax from the Deax Files in a tussle with Facebook reader
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Deax from the Deax Files in a tussle with Facebook reader

Randy Deax - writer of the Deax Files in a little tussle with a fellow facebook  follower
I have maintained that Trump has absolutely no intention of deporting the illegal aliens in this nation for quite some time . Taken some flack . Some maintain stead fasted in the belief he will . I went back - be a while since i read up on it - on Trumps 2015 statements on deporting ( trumps position on deporting illegal aliens ) again . He was asked about his position several times and was all over the place with his ideas - all of them ignorant . The guy did not , and does not understand the problem. There were no available comments on the subject after that date . there may be but i cold not find them . Silence on the Western Front . In other words no plan . He could have deported 800,000 DACA on the spot when he declared the end to the program . He did not do that . He threw them a lifeline by shoving the problem over to the Congress and now the Liberal courts have their nose in it . trump proclaimed he changed to Republican . He did not necessarily change his Democratic views - 5 decades of holding such - when he switched parties . trump is a salesman . He sez what he needs to say when he needs to say it . Have a really good day .
Jerrell C. Patrick …Charley, why don' t you shut the f*** up about our president, you sound like the news media trying to make a mane for them selves, so they can bitch about him to look good! If you know so much about running this country why don't you get up and get into gov office and change your things instead of bitching about things all the time!! Or you could talk about other things that are positive!!!!
Randy DeAx I believe I will continue as is Jerrell . Just because I stay on Trump about illegal immigrants does not particularly mean i am anti - Trump . Give me some instances of "positive " ? If you do not like what i say my advice to you is to simply drop me off your time line . Do what you have to do .
Jerrell C. Patrick …Well your bitching doesn't make sense and don't help nor solve anything, always liked hearing from you when your not trying to make noise!!
Randy DeAx not making noise Jerrell . stating fact - A wall will not solve the problems caused by the presence of 21 million illegal aliens . Another fact - no wall has worked anywhere at any time unless violent means were used to defend it . That is indisputable . my post was in response to a post on the Wall on the southern Mexican border - something i have mentioned many times and my opinion was asked for . This is one more fact - Trump has convinced a very great many Americans that a Wall along 2000 miles of our will be their savior and save them from all the ills of illegal alien . Nothing could be farther from the truth . best way for you to keep me quiet is to unfriend me . I will continue as i am .
Jerrell C. Patrick Well let glad your an expert in the wall!!
Jerrell C. Patrick I guess you ought call president and advise him on how to stop illegals from crossing the border?
Randy DeAx Jerrell C. Patrick I have worked hard at knowing what i know ,Jejrrell . None of it is conjecture . All of it is fact .
Jerrell C. Patrick Nobody else has a better idea how to stop it!
 Randy DeAx ..Trump does not want outside opinions . There are very good options at halting the influx . None will be used .How do you know that i have not sent letters to Trump , our two Senators and the Rep for my congressional district and possibly many more ?
Randy DeAx Jerrell C. Patrick Nobody else has put it forth , Jerrell . why don't you give me a clue if i am in such grave error ?
Jerrell C. Patrick …You have never said anywhere that you have sent messages to him p.s. Ok Charlie just giving you hell , thought I could some one else on bandwagon to keep conversation goin. With their opinions. You stay after them Charlie give them hell!!
Randy DeAx …Damn , Jerrell m i wuz just fixing to ask you to wire Trump and give me recommendation for an adviser position . I have written many about this and i have a column in the " Buzzard Roost News " - a monthly rag with a circulation in 46 states and a few other countries . Ilove our nation !
Well ol Deax knows how to stir’em up, wether you agree with him or not, down deep he loves Trump and really wants that damn wall built…..well, that will set him off……and I’ll have plenty of BS for his next month column !!!

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