Trump & the wall .....Randy Deax writer for the Buzzard Roost News
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Trump & the wall .....Randy Deax writer for the Buzzard Roost News

Donald J. Trump wants to blow $18 Billion on a " Big , Beautiful Wall along our southern border with Mexico . If Mr. Ego actually knew anything about our border and the impact the Mexicans actually have on this nation he could could take measures which would immediately have tremendous impact on the Mexican government 
There are about 48 legal crossing points between our two nations .
This is the point at which you people need to start paying attention. 
We need to kick the Mexican government right in the balls ! 
If we had anyone in our government that had our best interests in their hearts this is what they would do !
Simple enough method to slow illegals crossings , put a huge dent in drug traffic and dramatically reduce unemployment along our border .
There are MILLIONS of Mexican CITIZENS who drive across our border crossings each day . Millions who WORK here and return to Mexico at night . Some also ferry drugs and illegals across those same border entry points . Big money maker for Mexico .
Slam those 48 border crossings closed . No crossings going either way . if you are a mexican citizen going south bound good bye . But you ain't comin' back.
Mexico has a huge border wall along their southern border which was designed and intended to keep Central Americans out of Mexico .Come to find out if a person wants to come across that border the Mexicans will allow you in provided you agree to leave the country . Only place they can go to leave Mexico is to the North . Ain't but one country north of the Mexican border .
Barricade those crossings and reduce personnel there and increase protection along the interior .
A border wall and paying with it by taxing goods coming across that border only hurts us.We GIVE Mexico nearly a billion in aid money a year . Stop that and listen to the attitude change .
Let our citizens take the jobs Mexican citizens are doing in our border cities .
Do this and the Mexicans will do the border patrolling for us .

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