MY civil rights
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MY civil rights

I am White . Protestant , Old .  Veteran ! 
I want to see a manger scene around Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Lord and i cannot because it offends some ! So they raise Holy Hell screaming their civil rights have been violated so the scenes must be taken down . ???? The have the right to not look . To ignore ! To walk on the other side of the street . To change their route ! But NO ! Hell No ! It is easier today to simply deprive me and those who believe as i do of OUR civil rights .
They do not like a statue and have the same options as fore mentioned . Yet the elect to deprive others of their rights to satisfy their needs .
During 1978 - 9 i was selected by my Command as one of several others to be schooled in Civil Rights and Equal opportunity and present the program to the crew in our command .
I thought it was a pretty good program until after review it became very apparent the the White race was too do all the change . Nothing was required of any minority to do any change or exhibit any understanding of the problem. Simply put , 40 years ago the white race was considered to be the criminal .
Our Constitution gives us ALL equal rights . Take note here that those rights are actually doled out today on a political basis / ideological basis . So much for being inalienable .
I have it in my mind to file a Federal lawsuit against all these organizations and our federal / state governments that they have over stepped the bounds of the Constitution / law . No one has the right to disallow me my rights in order to fulfill theirs . You want me to bake a cake or take a picture and i do not believe in your life style  and refuse and i ( or anyone else ) is wrong ??? 
I think not .
I own property . The lines of which are clearly drawn . If you trespass you can be dealt with as i see fit and not how some liberal lawyer or court sees fit . I want my flag ? I will have it . I want a manger scene ? I will have it .I want to see a statue ? I will ! Those are our civil rights  and - according to our well  ignored Constitution - inalienable .

I realize that this is probably too political or just plumb crazy but if you like forward as you will ,
Thanks , Randy DeAx

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