The Wall by Randy Deax
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The Wall by Randy Deax

Trump sez the Mexicans gonna pay for that wall ! All $18 billion of it.
Trump is full of B.S.
Bear in mind the cost of the wall ! $18 Billion . The 2006 Secure Border Act authorized 700 miles of fence . Obama finally got it " finished " a year ago.
So Trump is going to build this "great , big , tall , beautiful wall to keep how many Mexicans a year out ! Anyone ever heard how many it will stop ? I haven't ! It is well reported that as many or even more people enter this nation on a visa and simply over stay it and remain in this nation .They don't dodge a wall and trudge across the border . Understand that fact yet ?
The Mexicans on the south side of our border waiting their chance to get in DO NOT COST US ONE DIME !
The 20 MILLION illegals already in this nation are the ones costing us money . Committing crimes . Overloading our prisons . Packing our schools . Wanting everything for free. Lined up at the hospital ER . Wall to wall in the freebies offices . So why is Trump not putting a major push on deporting the ones who are here NOW and are costing us all the money ? Deport enough of them and save enough loot on other programs to build your damned wall ! 
Trump has you folks suckered into building a Wall while the problem is already here . The Wall will deport none of these people and save us no money . Deportation will save us money , create jobs and solve many of our problems . The Wall will do nothing more for us them Trumps claim he wuz gonna put Hillary in jail,
One more thing for you folks to study on a bit . Trump and his tax cuts . So us ol' po' folks down here on the bottom in the lowest bracket are only gonna have to pay 15% instead of 20% or so . 5% decrease . You folks just check out for your ownsef what % rates are going to decline for the upper levels .
It will be well above the 5% . Study on it . 
Just remember folks we are $21 Trillion in debt and steadily climbing . We can't pay our bills now and if it is not readily apparent to you now that government is not gonna quit spending you are beyond help . The GUV cuts your taxes they are gonna need more and more money . So they are gonna borrow it or raise taxes somewhere else. It really is time you got your hear outta your armpit and started doing your own thinkin' ! NEWS FLASH !!! OUR GOVERNMENT NO LONGER HAS OUR BEST INTERESTS IN MIND !
Pity Dobbs or Varney will not pick this up !

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