Why do we need a wall by Randy Deax
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Why do we need a wall by Randy Deax

Why we do not need a " WALL " !

Our Constitution charges our government -first and foremost - with the job of providing security for the Nation and our people. It ain't doing it's job.

President Donald Trump wants to spend billions on a wall that will take decades to build . The border Patrol claims that at this moment they do not have the ability to patrol the border as is . If someone wants into this nation badly enough they will find a way over , under or through that wall to get in . I refer you to the "Berlin Wall ". Our very own Congress passes a law that allows "unaccompanied minors " which manage to get into our nation to remain here .Immediately after that law was passed a flood of " unaccompanied children " , not only from Mexico but from most Central American countries , entered our nation . This was engineered and funded by our very own government .Had to be. Those unaccompanied children from Central America did not dream this up and organize and fund it . Jose & Maria did not either . Mexico prides itself on the ability of its Southern border wall to be near inpentratable to all , yet those children got through . Even today when those folks show up at that wall all they have to do is apply for travel documents and swear they have no intention of staying in Mexico ( Mexico does not allow illegal aliens ) ,they only want to travel the entire length of the Mexican nation . Where will they go after they get to the U.S. border ? They cannot stay in Mexico so they enter the U.S. illegally where our border patrol will "arrest " them for entering ellegally , give them food , water , clothing , medical care and transport them deeper into the interior of our nation and house them . Then they are given a lawyer - , to fight our own immigration law at OUR expense .

At this point you oughta be asking yourselves - "Why is Mexico aiding and abetting peopel from other nations who can have no intention to do other then enter the United States illegally " ?

"Why do we 'arrest ' these people for breaking our immigration law, transport them to the interior and take them to raise rather then simply refusing them entry and making them stay in Mexico ?

Why are we not holding Mexico accountable for these actions ?

Trump is blind in one eye and cannotsee out of the other on the border problem. He has no idea of what the problems really are .

Most of the problems lie right squarely in Washington , D.C. and no where else.

Certainly for the last 8 years , very openly , the program has been - make a small effort to be able to claim we are trying to solve the problem . But as long as people are NON -WHITE . non protestant ,non- English speaking and can be made dependent on the federal government for their existance and above all will dilute the influence of Whites at the polls and in authority they are welcome.

We have numerous State Dept, ( over 20 ) operations in Mexico . As does Mexico here . Close all but one of ours in Mexico and require they do the same with ours here and get out .

Close all border crossings ( there are well over one million Mexicans who drive across our border daily , work here and drive back into Mexico at days end . If you do not possess a valid U.S. passport and proof of citizenship you do not come north . If you do not have a valid non- U.S. passport you do not go South .

We can have our military on our border end to end in 72 hours closing it and denying entry .

Mexico should flood it's northern border with it's troops to stop north bound traffic. Require Mexico to shoulder some of the responsibility of the problem .

No aircraft traffic either way .

Begin enforcing our laws . Especially F - VERIFY .

Give all illegals in this nation ( all 20 million of them , and their children ) 60 days to leave . Regardless of nationally , how long they been here , who they are married to or what ever. Go.

The largest criminals this nation has are in Congress and the agencies Congress creates to protect itself . And an American hating President like Obama to throw in the mix.

After the dust settles bring welfare folks down on a 90 day tour - 3 months on - 6 off - living in tents and cooking in field kitchens let them patrol our border . We are gonna be paying them anyway why not let them earn their keep. That experience may alter attitudes about working for a living .

So you want Trump to build a wall ( Mexico ain't paying for it , no incentive for them to and Trump is already beggin' Congress for the loot to build it with ). Has anyone asked how much it will cost to guard the wall ? How much to maintain it and repair the holes the illegals tear in it ? Anyone ask what the life expectancy of the fence is before it all has to be done again ? Ask any farmer / rancher how much time / money they spend on their fences . Do any of you know what the Border Patrol budget is right now for repair / upkeep/ maintenance of the existing fences now is ? Never thought about that did you ?

You folks ain't askin' the right questions and you are listening to someone who ( TRUMP ) does not know what he is talking about .

Mexico is not held accountable , Congress has not been held accountable and our Presidents have not been held accountable . Nor will they be

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