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From an anti Trumper

Why didn't I vote ?
My vote was not needed for Trump to carry the State of Texas . Had my vote been needed for Trump to carry Texas he would have gotten . My missing vote would have made no substantial difference in Trump carrying the national vote total .
And I knew this . Months ago .
I have made noise about the 72 million voters who passed in 2012 because they did not believe and lacked a leader they could believe in .
I knew all the polls were badly inaccurate and skewed because of where and how they conduct their polls . None were accurate .
America needed a leader . America figured Trump fits the bill . I don't but he is better then Hillary .
Hell , even Trump and his staff did not know what they had going until the votes were being counted !
Why ?
Because Trump and his god damned staff do not know this nation and the people which populate it beyond Wall St . any better then the Democrats or the media does . Their model is based on the Blue states and the heavily populated areas. So they were in error , still are and still do not know why . This includes most of the Republican party . The Republican Party did not vote Trump into office , little known and well ignored America did .
Yet many chastised me for asking why Trump did not personally involve himself with the like of beat cops ( the same ones who were guarding the inauguration area and putting their lives on the line ) to understand them and what and who they are . Trump will utilize out armed forces to bully his way around the world but has no time to spend with those troops ,visit them in their military hospitals or VA hospitals . So how can he understand them ? He cannot . Border Patrol same thing. Medical care folks same / same . Teachers - same damned thing . These are the people who put Trump into office and it was clear to me months ago they would.
Hillary has been branded a criminal because of her foundation / money . Trump swore he would put her in jail . Swore it time and again , looking America in the eye when he did . Immediately after the election he plays Pony Express rider and quickly changes horses . I suggest that Democrats told Trump that if he persisted that they would start raising questions about his SIX (6) bankruptcies and how he made Billions -not millions - BILLIONS from them . You go bankrupt once and your credit rating goes to hell in a hand basket and you can't buy a car much less hundreds of millions worth of prime real estate .  But Trump did . trump is a bully . No question .
Trump swore time & again he was going to build a WALL on our border and the Mexicans were going to pay for it . He has modified that substantially . Had Trump taken the time to go down ON that border , mingle with the rank and file agents , get the straight skinny he may have come up with a plan . But he did not and will not .
Trump has sworn to replace Obamacare - he and his Washington SWAMP will -! You ever seen or heard of Trump sitting down with the folks who make hospitals run , operate and actually care for the patients and get their take , their suggestions on the problem ? Absolutely not . They get some Harvard ( BUSINESS ) or some such expert to mold the law ???? Trump will never add a word to it , most likely never read it and claim it as his creation . Who in the world could that possibly remind you of ?
Trump knows money , business and because of his military school experience 55 years ago or so he thinks he has a grasp on the military . Have you taken a serious look at his cabinet appointments and analyzed them ? Money ! Business ! Military!
His announced policies ? Money ! Business ! Military ! 
So , I reckon the swamp will run the remainder  .
Trump moves to get the EPA out of the business communities hair . ( not a bad idea but it is the intent I speak to )
Is Trump a better choice then Hillary ? hard to be worse .
One thing Trump and Co. have overlooked . You cannot get far without a long , cool , clean , safe drink of water and a meal .
The wave of liberals being churned out by our schools will eventually be in volume enough to ensure there are no more conservative come backs . Nearly there now.
Trump may well drive Conservatives back in the woods .
He talks good . So did Obama .
I see absolutely no intent of a reduction in the size of the federal government .
I believe Trump has no intent to cause the exit of the 20 million illegal aliens in this nation .
That is why I did not vote .

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