A letter to Trump from a Buzzard Roost reader
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A letter to Trump from a Buzzard Roost reader

If you send copies of the Dec. & Jan. buzzard Roost news to Trump please enclose this as a cover sheet !

President elect Trump,
You never have been able to get out here in the sticks of Texas with us folks and get to know us but you said a hell of a lot of things that we wanted to hear .
Now , after your election those items deem to not matter too much with you and you sound as if you are going to back out on your verbal deal .Let me ask you this , sir . You promised to let justice have a crack at Hillary Clinton . We poor old citizens out here thought that sounded like the way it oughta be . You kinda sorta led us to believe that you would force the 20 million illegal aliens to leave this nation .Now it don't seem so much like you are gonna do it . Lotta folks believed you , on both matters. We folks down here gotta obey all our laws all the time or we get a trip to jail . We don't get a break . I did not vote for you . Didn't trust you enough to do like you promised all them citizens you would. You called Hillary and others "liars" .Seems like you fit right in the mold. So , sir , if you lie to us this time around whatever on God's green earth makes you think we will believe and trust you enough to give you a vote the 2nd go round ?
You recognized the fact that there were enough votes out there to get you elected if they had a leader who said what they wanted to hear .
I ain't never seen not heard of you being anywhere around any of us folks long enough to gain any real understanding of us . You know we are here , you knew what to say to get them behind you and elect you but you do NOT know us.
First off - we want smaller federal government . So why haven't you begun to do away with the Dept. of Education which uses our own tax money to force our states / schools to do as the dept . wants ? All the money wasted running that dept. would go a long , long way toward improving our schools .
Why are you not beginning to do away with foreign aid and our involvement with the UN ? We send Mexico , central & south American nations millions of dollars a year yet there are no improvements made and their citizens flood our nation and we have to support them all over again .Something just ain't right there .
Why aren't we moving to a sales tax based tax to replace the income tax ? I can take you to school on that if you like .
Why don't we go back to a military draft?
Why aren't we building more refineries and revitalizing our petro chemical industry ? Then we could export finished products rather then crude.
You do not seem to have any illegal aliens in your immediate social circle or business.
Your children and grand children do not go to schools packed with the children of illegal aliens .
You & yours are not made to wait in line in an ER behind illegals with the sniffles to get medical attention .
I am certain you ain't in no danger of losing your job to an illegal alien .
Willing to bet you do not have to shop in businesses in which Spanish is the FIRST language , written & spoken ?
Pretty certain you will not be the victim of a crime committed by an illegal alien .
Where are we gonna get our next drink of water ? We have no assurance that our food supply will be safe and abundant .You don't have that problem.
You got any idea how many International crossings and ports of entry we have on the Mexican border ? You got any idea how many Mexican citizens DRIVE across our border , work here and drive back into Mexico at night ? Taking our jobs ? No you don't. A wall sounds good but it will not work .
Why aren't we hard at work devising a massive national flood system to divert flood waters to areas in need of that water ? Expensive ? Yes . So is flooding .
$3 Gallon gasoline will not bother you much but we ain't you.
Sorry , pal . But you do not know us and never will .You are too busy running your mouth to listen to what we need .Hope you don't throw your shoulder out patting yourself on the back.
Charles R, ( Randy ) DeAx
Deleon , Tx .

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