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Happy New Year!
President Elect Donald Trump taking office brings smiles-cheers- hoopla's into 2017 with delightful anticipation of great changes for America.
Looking back at 2016.. Obama played golf, comfirmed the Iran deal giving them billions of our money.  Obama and Michelle were frequent guest on late night talk shows.  Increased prices on Obama Care which had a deductible so high few folks used it.  Their extravagant vacations for themselves and extended family members were notable.  His legacy will be remembered not in a favorable fashion.. The Worst President in History.. It was not the race of the man.. it was the core of the man, he was inexperienced and incapable of the position of leader of the the United States.  Black Lives Matter was created under his term.  Racial tension heightened and our policemen have become targets because of the BLM movement.  His home town Chicago is an "Enter at Your Own Risk" city, black on black crimes prevail but no effort on Obama's behalf to improve conditions. It has been 8 very long years of bull shit, lies, cover ups and denials.. Don't let the Oval Office Door hit your butt on the way out.
Let's review during the debates Hillary voiced objection ( frankly, she flushed, raised her voice)  when Mr. Trump did not say he agreed to accept the election results without question. Fast forward, tables are turned Jill Stein, Hillary and the Democratic Party demanded a recount.  My My  recount in Wisconsin reveals more votes for Trump.
The DNC had full support of  media in all forms, TV, newspapers and internet.
NBC-Negativistic Bullshit Collaborators
CBS-Concentrated Bullshit Specialist
ABC-Associated Bullshit Creators
CNN-Certified Nasty News
MSNBC-More Sensations Neurotic Biased Channel
Don't overlook the fact Hollywood was in full support of the Hildabeast.  Considering they want open borders - sanctuary cities.  How about California becoming The Official Sanctuary State.  Funnel all the illegal aliens and refugees to CA.  Hollywood's overpaid actor activists and musicians can open their doors to a couple of Muslim families.. those huge mansions have the space to accommodate prayer rugs.  Keeping in the theme of political correctness, consult with architects for proposed mosques in the neighborhood.  Sounds like a reasonable plan to us, what's your opinion. Hollywood is very vocal ... let's see how fast they would act.  Just like Cher is moving to another planet.  Funny we haven't see any moving vans transporting any of the stars that  stated they would leave the country if Trump was elected.   Well, we're waiting  for the mass exit, what happened? Changed your mind? Rats, we elect Cher to be the first host to house a Muslim family since she is so passionate about refugee's.  Miley C. can stop crying long enough to climb off her wrecking ball and help Cher. Recruit DeNiro, Martin Sheen they have plenty of Mouth Muscle.  All members of Hillary's Elite Liars Club.
We applaud Trump for his take charge mission  " To Make America Great Again". The day following the election , no time for rest,  on to the task for transition.  The swamp draining began however, a sub pump was necessary cause of the huge asshole slowering the process.   Controversy mounts as new cabinet members are appointed. Each appointee is analyzed,criticized , dissected in an effort to disqualify them.  Hell, Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse couldn't pass their criteria.
Imagine a Clinton Cabinet.. Whoopie Goldberg, Joy Behar, Katie Perry, Cher and Secretary of State-- George Clooney he has a Muslim wife and a home in Italy. Yeppers, that's enough for him to be knowledgeable in foreign policy to be appointed.  Are we surprised that the United States appears to be a Canival Side Show to the rest of the world. President Obama is delusional regarding his accomplishments, the enemy of the country.
Now airing is a celebrity plea for viewers to reject Trump as President Elect. Debra Messing is the youngest actor featured.. catchy name indicative of their statement.  Other actors too old to recognize.
Julian Assange told Shawn Hannity the Russians did not supply the leaked emails.  The conversation alluded the emails were supplied within the Democratic Party.  Why would that surprise anyone?  Review history -  Anthony Weiner (pervert) sharing emails with his wife Huma (Hillary's top aide).  Most tragic is the manner in which Hillary, Obama handled the Benghazi massacre... ignored pleas for help resulting in 5 deaths then lying to the families.  Both of them have the blood of those souls on their hands and should be held accountable for their deaths. Clearly, they do not possess a grain of guilt or a conscious.  Deporables to the max!  The Clinton Foundation supporting Chealsea and charging  exorbitant speaking fees for political favors and the list continues.
Vladimir Putin denies responsiblity for the Russian hacking or any influence on the election.  Huh, we think Putin would prefer Hillary as President  cause she's a push over and one melt down away from a hissy fit.   President Elect  Trump is strong, vigilant  and ready to defend this nation by any method.
Advice to Hillary- Look in the mirror.  the reflection speaks volumes. NO ONE LIKES YOU.  You lie, exhibit arrogance, consider yourself an elitest above prosecution. Shut your "Pie Hole" accept defeat gracefully (if possible).  Take your whining, crying camp of followers enjoy a pity party.  then get busy assembling a defense team cause the FBI and the CIA are looming in the shadow's for you.
Folks - Praise and Halleluiah and  Rejoice - the light at the end of the tunnel is the Trump Train heading across the county "Making America Great Again".
Psst. There's a shortage of ambulatory available senior men, we have some ladies seeking dinner companions and dance partners. Interested gents forward your info to the Head Buzzard and he'll pass it on to us.
****How about the Dallas Cowboy's winning year...Simply cause the ladies and I were working overtime Shake A Shake  our Pom Poms cheering them on to victory.
"Be Thankful" - "Be Jolly" - "Be Kind"
Our motto - "Shoulders Back" -"Knockers UP" - "Swing Those Hips"!
Fannie Belle and the Senior Sunshine Social Club


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