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I am neither for nor against Trump but he is heads above Hillary . No contest .
Let me give you this : Today Trump got near all the High Tech folks together to discuss jobs. First - most of the jobs involved are those of higher education required - many from India etc.The other side is all in China .
Where is the emphasis on working man jobs ? There ain't any .  Where is the water works or the food or the  plant operators ? NONE . Carpenters ? Etc. Trump noticed how angry Americans are , How many of us there are . Enough to get him elected for damned sure . Where are the trade schools ? 
None of the 20 million illegal aliens will be deported . The IRS will not be gutted . The Dept, of Education will continue on as is. We , as citizens ,will suffer the effects of budget cuts while foreign aid continues blooming .
Will Trump be good for the Nation ? Yes. If you are one of the fortunate who live above the line that has been there for years and will remain.
The swamp will remain undrained. The health & well being of those above the line will be taken care of . Not quite so certain ours will be .
Trump knew and understood us just well enough to get elected . He does not know us well enough to realize what will happen if he turns his back on us after using us to attain the office of President .
Review the comments of the last few days by leading members of Congress , Ryan , McConnell , little Marco , and these others.McCain. The clown from S.C. &  Paul among others .
Are they up there taking care of our problems or to seek retribution for their bruised egos ?
We , The People !
Not me , the rich man , the black , the Mexican , the Homo ,but all of us - all of we AMERICANS.
I just watched a commercial about engineers building this and that . The may have designed and overseen the building but they did not build it .Those with sweat on their brow , dirt under their nails , aching back and wondering how to buy groceries this week built it . Those driving the trucks , working in a factory making a component - those people built it .
Those are my people , my Americans .

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