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Deax Files on Trump

I have never had an article misunderstood like the Trump thing .It went right over the heads of 99% .
Most thought it was liberal / anti - Trump when it was no such thing .
First , i suggest that Trump might be well served to spend a day or two with people in the strata of the po' folks - flea markets etc. That did not go over well at all . Some said Trump was raised around construction workers . ( I did not remind them that took place nigh on to 50 years ago and that there is a hell of a difference between a NY construction worker or a 50 year old waitress in a 2 bit cafe and etc. ) If you do not make half a mil a year Trump is unacquainted with you . And your perspective. There are those who claimed Trump held Q &A rallies . Two ! Last year . One on Twitter . I that did not go well at all and was cut short . Trump talking about his favorite subject - himself and what he is gonna do . Everyone else listening, most not comprehending .
We have these big petroleum discoveries and everyone is crowing that we can be energy self sufficient .
Not hardly .
Check on the number of refineries we currently have and at what capacity they are running at .
Then check on the capacities of our petrochemical industries. 
Find out how many new plants are in the works . ZERO. It takes 5 years to design & build a new plant .
Why are we exporting our petroleum at this moment ?
Got any idea how much it takes to load a tanker , insure it  , and ship a load of crude oil ?
Many of the refineries we are shipping to are in the mid -east or Mexico . Trump is getting ready ( rightfully so ) to stick it to Mexico ( so he sez ) and the entire mid-east is unstable . Makes me feel warm & fuzzy . Got any idea how many 1000's of products are made from petroleum ? Most never , ever even think of it .
What if we decided to build 10 new refineries using exclusively American products and a corresponding increase in our petro - chemical industry . JOBS ! Exporting finished products rather then crude. Trade balance wayyyy down . Taxes up . Sooo!!! Why not ?
   What could possibily be wrong with scrapping the dept of education? Why is that thought "LIBERAL" when the socialists rely on it to spearhead their indoctrination ? Got any idea how much tax money we could save and the impact that would have on our schools ? No government agency holding our districts hostage with our own tax money .
 What could possibly be wrong with scrapping the personal income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax? No IRS agents . No government control !~
  What would the harm be in stopping foreign aid ?
  Trump has never stated he would cause the 20 million illegals ( if he did it was way early and he has since been silent on the issue ) to be deported or self deport  . He ain't gonna do it . He is gonna trade Mexico building a wall for us in exchange for us keeping the Mexicans .

Trump is gonna create jobs. What kind ? What sorta education will be needed and where will they be? They ain't gonna use that loot to build flea markets , hog farms or Mom & Pops .
 Trump may well jump the ratio to 4% . When ? Where ? How ? Not clear on that .
Trump is way better then Hillary but - here we go - he is a snake oil salesman .
 He is gonna do this , do that and NEVER any specifics .
 Trump may be at a peak in his business dealing BUT , may i remind you ..... there have been what ??? Three (3) times he took bankruptcy  to save his ass ? He don't have THREE tries to get running this nation right and there will be NO bankruptcy court to bail our ass out if he screws up. Pity he is the "best " choice outside of Hillary .
 Trump - and more the worse is - all of our citizens have no clue what will take place if Trumps deal falls through. Those who do are well into their 80's now and even during the Great Depression we had a sound government . It was , and never got , $20 Trillion in debt then .

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