If Hillary reigns by Jim Morris
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If Hillary reigns by Jim Morris

With the democrats pushing to manufacture and/or otherwise making magically appear, enough votes to turn 1600 Penn. over...once again...to the Clinton's, one must wonder about these alien voters whose knowledge of our language and an appreciation of just what's at stake is sufficient to translate the issues into what it will be like to serve the government they've helped put in place.With the progressives pushing their faulty and failed policies of green energy, we can expect a political war against fracking and other methods of extracting petroleum and natural gas from our vast resources. The price of heating houses will skyrocket during the Fall and Winter months. With the vast majority of these new voters coming from environments much warmer then even Texas, it will be more costly to keep their families warm than they might think. Democrats being democrats, as soon as the elections are over, these new voters will be on their own...trying to keep their families warm by burning the empty promises of a political party that bases its very existence upon lies. The democrats are, in fact, a religious bunch. Everything they do is based upon the Jesuit precept that"the end justifies the means".
Let's also consider the burgeoning cost of transportation which will confront these new voters whose education, through no fault of their own, is less than will be required to pursue and find employment which will allow these new voters to place themselves in an employment position capable of affording transportation...car, insurance, gasoline, etc. The fiscal burden of existing under these circumstances...and others which will come to mind...are frightening. But the democrats being democrats, only the vote is important. What happens after the election is de rigueur for these bottom feeders.
Another pusillanimous device or ploy these bastards use is to create complex lies toward the end of the race so as to leave little time to verify the truth of the false accusations. This is evident in the last stage claims which report that Trump groped them sometime in the past century. This gave the big bag of unAmerican hatred we know as the first lady...who is no lady...a chance to stand before the liberal press and state she'd never heard of a man doing such things. Of course, she has likely never heard of a president running around on Air Force One and showing everyone, including the women of the press, his erection. But this was not news worthy. The lies we are hearing about Trump are to deflect attention away from Clinton's many defects and screw-ups. The only way the democrats can win elections is to create lies about their opponents. To "The Party of Iniquity" the ends definitely justify the means. And the media is complicit in spreading the lies. Is it any wonder that newspapers are in trouble?
Soooo...if we want higher taxes, confiscation of our firearms, energy taxes due to driving energy development away from our abundance of fossil fuels and, at the least, a massive recession...Hillary's the one who can continue the destruction initiated by Obama. Caveat Emptor!!!
Jim Morris

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