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Not surprised by Jim Morris

The Liberal elites must be mighty worried about a patriotic and hard-working American beating their sheltered career politician. If this shocking report by a Russian news outlet is true, the Secret Service better remain on high alert through election day! A Russian journalist claims to have uncovered a plot by the American Liberal establishment to kill Donald Trump. This should not surprise those of us who have followed the "Clinton Timeline". 
“Trump declared that if he is President he aims to have quote ‘very good relations with Russia,’ this combined with Trump’s characteristics, his leadership in the presidential race, his ability to speak boldly, and his intentions to turn over a new leaf regarding the Russian-American relations. All of this puts Trump in a very dangerous situation. Now they...the globalists...can simply kill him,” Russian journalist, Dmitri Kiselyov, said. The “globalists” the Russian journalist is referring to are far more popular and powerful than Hillary Clinton, if the threat is accurate. Liberal elitists like George Soros, is just one name which quickly comes to mind. 
Why? Well, they might have many reasons to off the man of the people who has dared to challenge the coronation of their gal Hillary, but the report maintains it is Trump’s willingness to improve relations with Russian and Vladimir Putin which pushed the Liberals over the edge. With the 40+ folks linked to the Clinton’s who have died both suddenly and mysteriously, any threat from any source, has to be taken seriously. Liberals and their mainstream media cohorts have tried to cast Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in some type of “bromance.” The two men have never even met each other.
Trump is doing what any quality statesman would do, he is reserving his judgment until the two have met and discussed pressing matters, is willing to work with another world power to ensure the safety of Americans, and will not let old grievances dictate his response to the current state of affairs. When Barack Obama said he was willing to sit down with any world leader who wanted to talk and improve relations, the Liberal hordes and journalists cheered, dubbing him a man of vision.
Barack Obama ended sanctions with Cuba because he said sanctions only hurt the common people, while almost simultaneously enacting similar sanctions against Russia. Obama flew to Cuba and hung out with the Communist dictator who is harboring a cop killer, laughing it up as the poor masses were blocked away from view – begging for help, food, and freedom. Again, the Liberal masses and television pundits applauded the president’s “brave” outreach efforts.
Liberals say “nationalist” like it is a dirty word – they likely secretly think the same negative thought about the word, “patriotism.” Trump’s vow to put America first has shocked and offended the Liberal consciousness. Donald Trump would never negotiate from a position of weakness like Obama has for almost eight years – making American more and more vulnerable each time.
Putin knows Obama is weak and has simply no respect for the man. He and Trump speak the same language of strength and patriotism and while they may likely butt heads, Vlad already knows he will be, finally, sitting down with an equal who is known to be a man of his word, and a leader who will only shake hands on deal which benefits the American people.

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