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America then & now

The pavane from Democracy to whatever the hell we have now hasn't been stately...especially over the past eight years of the reign of the punk rocker narcissist currently dirtying up the carpets at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Clearly, through the rubble, "Hope and Change" would bring about "twisted toilet etiquette" like the rest of the sewer of fetid legislation this administration has foisted upon our country.
It seemed strange to this old retired Sailor who, since the second grade, has placed his hand over his heart or saluted when in the presence of our Flag, to see a 13 year old give the Flag "the finger" as it passed in a parade. The young piece of crap was accompanied by the other two POS's which presumably made up his family. They beamed with pride at the manner in which their pup desecrated our flag. I will NOT placidly observe such an action again.
I hesitate to try to envision what would have been the outcome if I had committed such an act in front of my parents. Dad was a WWII Veteran and part of "The Great Generation". The outcome, my restriction and months of contrition, would not have been pretty. But...that was THEN!
That was when we didn't worry about forgetting to lock the doors at night.
When I was in the 7th Grade, we had a city-wide contest for 7th Graders to write an essay titled, "Why I'm Proud To Be An American". I was runner-up. A girl from another school beat me. Years later, I dated her. I still think her parents wrote her essay.
Writing the essay was a long process for me. Had I been asked to write about how I loved to play baseball or go swimming, I could have easily knocked the essay out of the park. Dad and Mom made a list of things for me to read in our set of encyclopedias. After a week I began to realize just how damned lucky I was to be raised in America. Of course, the entries I read in the encyclopedia led to more things to read which explained and amplified what I'd been reading. This was my first real introduction to Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklyn, John Adams and all the other Patriots. It was the first time in my life that what I had thought were just pieces of paper...the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution...came to life. I even read "The Federalist Papers". That was when History came alive for me. We'd discuss the things I was reading at the evening dinner table. But...that was THEN.
That was when folks dined as a family.
I don't come from a family of "Bible thumpers" but when the church doors were open, we were there. I was, as they say, raised in the church. As a family, we quietly practiced our religion, living it daily, saying Grace at meals and walking "in the way". Publicly, there were prayers at sporting events. But...that was THEN...before Nancy Pelosi said, "You don't need God anymore; you have us Democrats." (Quoted 2006)
That was when it wasn't against the law to pray in public.
In high school our teachers taught us to respect others and ourselves. They provided us with clarity and an appreciation of the education made available to us. The rest rooms were clearly marked and gender identification was never a question or problem. If a student acted out or was disruptive, corporal punishment was the order of the day. Our teachers encouraged the introduction of diverse views in class and this broadened the perspective of the students. Our education was of a quality which placed a far above average percentage of students in the top ten percentile nationwide. The number of us in the top one percentile nationwide was also high. But that was THEN!
That was before 1979 when the government and Jimmy Carter decided National Education should be controlled by a Government Cabinet.
For the past eight years we have been ruled by a group of politicians which can best be described as Malignant Hemorrhoids near the Sphincter of the Great American Anal Canal. This cesspool of politicians(?) surely includes Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, Reid and their various minions and supporters.
Should one of and me...have malignancy in our bodies, we have it removed by surgery.America...your scalpel is the November election. Vote!!!  
Jim Morris 
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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