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Punks in politics by Jim Morris

The president said "we are not as divided as we think". Rather than consider what the Divider/Racist-in-Chief has to say, I choose to look at the divide. In the first place, the damned democrats were the supporters and perpetuators of Slavery. Let's get that right! It was the republicans who provided the big push against slavery and ultimately abolished slavery. Read your history quick before the progressives rewrite/change that, too. All this dissent and tragedy plays right into the progressive playbook...the chapter on "Divide and Conquer".
Yet the progressive left repeatedly 'points its finger' at the right for being the purveyors of poverty, turmoil and all the other ills...real and imagined...which infect our society. In turn, I point a finger at them but it's not my index finger. Over the years the left, influenced by the progressive iteration, has become the party of "half truth and innuendo"...quick to claim ownership for others achievements and equally quick to shift the blame for their own mistakes.
Consider the crucifixion of Sarah Palin which began seconds after McCain introduced her as a running mate. Just supposing John and Sarah had won the election and after four years in office it became clear that Sarah had been using an unsecured server to send and receive classified material. The hue and cry  from the media would have resounded through the land with a ferocity never seen or heard when one of the darlings of the left FUBARs. Now let's talk about Hillary. She was under investigation for what...at best...could be called "gross negligence" and at worst, "treason". Most of the damning evidence...the part which had not been deleted...had been evaluated, most of the many super-critical criminal mistakes had been brought to light along with the potential damage they could do to our country. As the investigation concludes, Bill magically meets the Attorney General at an obscure airport and they chat about inane subjects such as the toileting habits of children and pets and Hillary's treasonous activities and the possible outcome is NOT part of the conversation??? C'mon! To say I'm disaffected by these subversive, blatant ploys which remind me of Stalinist Russia, is a massive understatement. The media and the progressive left just turned the National Rule Book of Law into toilet paper...just like they are trying to do to the Bible. The moral compass of these people always points "down"--or toward the nearest sewer.
These are people who have never shivered in a foxhole at Bastogne, hit the beach at Normandy, stormed the ash laden hills of Iwo Jima, cleared a street in Saigon during Tet, participated in a movement to contact against the Republican Guard or fought to see another day in Fallujah. They've never coped with an emergency at a depth of two or three hundred feet in a Submarine or fought a fire aboard a ship. They've never felt the loneliness of extended absences while operating in foreign waters or on foreign soil, keeping the peace so their families and others will be safe from whatever enemy or specter happens to be the threat of the month. They'll never feel the pride which comes from knowing one has contributed to the safety of home and friends. So they seek to feel pride in making their nation more vulnerable from without...more dangerous from within. They can take a measure of pride from dumbing down an entire nation's school system...from changing their country's history with lies because that once proud history makes the pithy little punks in politics feel inconsequential. These are the kind of people who have imperiled the United States. They may live here but they're sure as hell not Americans...not in the sense our Founding Fathers envisioned. November is the month we find out who is an American and who is complicit and will support the current administration's cultural destruction campaign.
Should you opt out of being an American or need to know how to do so, might I suggest you employ a lesser known application of Einstein's formula by stripping naked and running around in a circle at 298 km/sec...the speed of light...thus making it possible to ultimately sodomize yourself. Should you determine that you are physically incapable of achieving this speed at your age, or are just too damned lazy, you may achieve the same result by voting democrat in the 2016 election.
Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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