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Treason by any other name

  LIFE ITS OWNSELF: Treason By Any Other Name Is Still Treason
After 7 and 1/2 years of the much heralded Obama agenda of "Hope and Change", what has really changed? Where's the hope? Call me a skeptic but all I can see is it has been a government coup against freedom. The calm unrest by at least half the people in the United States was justified by the numerous "bailouts" which closely followed the seating of Obama and his people in the White House. Very few people could tell us where much of that money actually was spent except it surely financed the framework for the new Socialist Republic of America. You know...that republic established in the past 7 and 1/2 years which has the distinction of having lost its middle class and much of its history.
Obama, Hillary and the rest of that pond scum, like all good little communists, are great magicians and masters of deceit...adroit at half-truth and innuendo. Enough pure manure has emanated from the White House to fertilize the Solar System. Dramatic events in the MidEast have drawn national attention away from the domestic neutering which is taking place, thus making it easier for the left wing wrecking crew and the mass media to finish off the Constitution, God and societal norms like gender separated rest rooms.
The attack on our education system which besmirches our proud heritage is not a recent aberration. Dr. George Counts, an influential educator of the mid 1930s and a committed Communist called upon teachers to be the vanguard of the education revolution. He spoke about minimizing our proud history to bring about a new age of collectivism.
"That the teachers should strongly and deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest to the extent that they are able to fashion the curriculum and procedures of their schools. This will bring about a planned and socialized economy...a new age of collectivism."
Count's revisionist principles are at work in schools and universities throughout the United States as I write this and you read this. So this attempt at the transformation of America has been in the works for a long time.
I remember the formation of the Third Legislature...the EPA...and my suspicion that it would, at best, become a enclave of feather-bedding for pseudo-scientific, liberal ideologists already well versed in the transformal iteration of the left. This agency has done far more damage to the United States than ISIS. I've been expecting a notice from them which claims that the 2nd Amendment is responsible for the non-existent Global Warming. To pull an adage from the past...they are as useful as teats on a Boar. The EPA has morphed into a "organ of terror" in and of itself.
Of course, there have been many players who are responsible for the assault upon our way of life...many of them right-wing politicians. They have not had the nerve and resolve to stand up for their constituents. Their sins, for the most part, are sins of omission rather than sins of commission. Put simply, they have lacked the integrity and plain old guts to stand up to the left's efforts to marginalize everything from the military to our way of life. The current crop in the Congress and the Senate are no different. Capitulation to the left is still the plan of the day.
That said, instead of merely not voting the current aspiring Libertyphobe into the White House...Hilly, if I have to say it...let's take a long look at the Republicans who want us to send them back to the Congressional gravy train. Many of them are bad investments.
"Brexit" should scare the hell out of our politicians. They just got a look at how the majority of a population reclaims itself and votes for reformation. The distress of ordinary Britons at how their country was being reshaped to accommodate medieval Islamic values tipped the Brexit vote in favor of leaving the EU. The pure and exotic beauty of an uprising like the Brexit vote is that it makes the media elites and politicians who govern our lives look like fools. It's just possible that the Brexit vote will compel the political and media elite to detour from their treasonous ideologies and consider the elephant in the room...radical Islam! 
Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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