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Randy Deax for President - Write in ... Revised platform

I am an American . i believe in God . I am a veteran. I love my family. My government will not do it for you . You are gonna have to git it dun yourownself . I believe the Constitution of the United States was written for the good of all - WE THE PEOPLE - and that it need not meddle into what is good for an individual or a minority group. It clearly does not have that authority . There are no singular pronouns in the Constitution until it begins laying out the duties of the President . What is good for all of us is good for one of us. You want special considerations for group or individual actions or life style ? Our Constitution is not that narrow and the attempt to make it so is to attempt to destroy it . You are free to live your life as you see fit until you begin to step on someone else's toes . That is called TRESPASSING and is not allowed . Forcing your belief or lifestyle on another is generally not tolerated and generally ends in violence. Therefore when the new Administration is sworn in one of it's first actions should be to declare ALL of Obama's illegal actions taken during his administrations to be illegal and therefore null and void . When i am sworn in i will immediately make it abundantly clear that it is not necessary for the good of all that if you , as an individual or group , to despise this Nation and you are free to vacate your residency here . If you are here legally and a citizen of this nation and despise it i will offer you $25,000 US cash and free transportation to any nation you so chose in exchange for you relinquishing your citizenship , surrendering your passport and abeing added on the NO ENTRY list. If you wish to take your children i will give them $10,000 US cash and the same understanding . I also have a deal for illegal aliens . If you are in this country ( United States ) illegally and agree to leave this nation of your own free will , taking your entire family , including any and all children , born here or not with you and relinquishing any claim by you or them of any citizenship right and your agreement to NEVER enter this Nation again you will be given $10,000 Cash for each adult over 18 years of age and $3,000 for each minor child you take with you at the border . Any illegal aliens currently in our correctional facilities will be deported immediately unless they have been found guilty of murder . I will immediately convene a commission of Healthcare officials , insurance agencies and others , especially in the education area to development a safe , sffordable non - government involved health care system. Involving our young and getting them educated in the health care area will be the #1 priority . The government has screwed it up enough , as they do most everything . The government will have NO roll in the new system . I will demand the members of the Congress pass legislation placing term limits on members of Congress . TAXES The Internal Revenue Service is the most hated and despised of all federal agencies . Therefore i wii demand a change to tax collection in that it be done as a "sales tax " rather then a payroll deduction. Benefits of a sales tax vs. a payroll withholding program . 1) . It would cause the IRS payroll to dramatically decrease . 2) More funds will be available to the government quickly at less cost per $$ collected . 3) All citizens would have an immediate availability of cash on hand because their payroll sheck would have no income tax deductions . 4) Citizens would not have to wait on a tax refund , nor pay someone to figure their tax for them and there would be no need for them to "borrow " their refund and pay high fees in order to get their money in a more timely fashion . 5) Ever hear the complaint that illegals work for cash and pay no taxes ? This puts a sudden halt to that . 6) Each and every visitor to this nation will help support it . 7) Prices will go up but the people can decide how much tax they want to pay by buying or not buying . 8) Ever hear the complaint that the wealthy pay less tax then the poor ? They spend more and pay more so the amount of tax they pay will increase . 9) This removes the threat to the citizens that the IRS presents. A very simple method of pulling the fangs of the Federal Government . We will transfer those laid off into the Department of Homeland Security , or the Social Security and Medicare / Medicaid agencies as fraud finders . Illegal aliens We have adequate law on the books to deal with illegal aliens . We do have a problem enforcing those laws because some have determined that it is to their political benefit to pick and choose which laws and when & where they are enforced . We citizens do not enjoy that luxury and are required to obey each and every law every minute . Solution ) I will have instructed my Sec Defense that the moment i am sworn in he will order the United States Military to completely seal our border with Mexico , including all international crossings . This to be done within 72 hours . ( Got any idea how many Mexicans drive through those crossings on a daily basis , work here and return to Mexico at night ? ) Once the military has the border secure the Border Patrol will begin searching out illegals and employers of illegals . I will have ordered my Sec State to cease all immigration into this nation immediately and begin identifing those who have over stayed their visa. I will have ordered that the U.S close in excess of 20 of our state dept . facilities in Mexico and that Mexico be required to close all but their primary Embassy here . I will have ordered the Dept . of Homeland Security to immediately begin enforcing the E- VERIFY law. If you want to rent / buy a home , turn on utilities , buy a car , license and insure it or finance , want a bank acct. or credit cards ,want a job you will go through e-verify . All illegals and their children , born here or not have 60 days to leave this nation without penalty . All persons arriving in this nation are subject to scrutinity . That will halt . Those who are muslim / Islamist will be checked throughly . All others may go right on through. The actions of a few will not penalize the many . Any interlopers who attempt to cross our border with illegal drugs or any weapon will be arrested and subject to military justice. Department of Education It will be closed and all functions it serves passed on to the States where that duty belongs. We will urge the states to immediately begin education in the Trades and teaching skills in those areas . Not everyone is cut out for a college life or is suited to working in an office . That needs to be recognized and acted upon. Foreign Aid Stopped immediately except in cases of clear military need for their protection . Social Security All funds paid into the SSA will be deposited in a dedicated SS fund and removed from the federal budget . MILITARY We will return to a national draft . No deferments. We currently have less than 1% of our citizens serving in an all volunteer force. We send the same people into combat zones again & again until they are wounded , killed or driven insane . If it is necessary for us to be involved in an armed conflict it is necessry to involve this entire nation . We need a standing military of at least 6.5 million . JOBS We will start our revitalization of our industry in two areas. Both run by private industry , not the government . Massive sea water distillation plants to turn all the Global Warming sea water into potable water that we can drink and grow crops with . We will begin another project of a national system of water ways in order to move flood waters to any area of this nation that needs them . More Refineries and revitalization of our petrochemical industries using products made in this nation. The Middle East may very well destroy itself and it's petroleum industry . We need to displace it .Seems it is better that we create jobs to make products here and export them than it is to export our petroleum , create jobs elsewhere , let them make more pollution then we will and have to buy their products back . What if they decide or unable to , sell them back to us ? Water Programs identified by a water commission much like our new health care commission and instituted by civilians rather then the government . Containing flood water and moving it to areas short of water . Construction of many water distilleries. FOOD Utilization of the nation's farm land to produce adequate and safe food supplies. PETROLEUM New refineries and petro chemical industry which , when coupled with other programs will revitalize our heavy industry. UNITED NATIONS & OTHER ORGANIZATIONS We will get out of most of them for the time being . FEDERAL RESERVE Gonna have to take a long look at this beast . CIVIL RIGHTS YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE THE SAME BOUNDRY DESCRIPTION AS YOUR property lines . You have rights but you do not have the right to push them off on others .If you have chosen a lifestyle or a course of action live with it . Do not expect others to accept or embrace it . Don't like my flag ? Don't look at it , ignore it but it is mine , not yours. My Cross ? My statue? My nativity scene ? My religion ? Mine - not yours . No trespassing . Ignore it . Turn your back on it . Walk around it . But if it is mine my civil rights carry , or should carry as much weight as yours . You want me to bake a cake or take pictures of your wedding that i do not believe in ? Find someone who believes as you do or wants your money enough to do as you ask .No trespassing on my right of refusal. There are many agencies . most of us have never heard of some of them, which will need to be reviewed . I intend not to build more government but to lessen it . Americans are more than capable of making most decisions for themselves . When one examines the behavior of humans and is made aware of the errors they make yet allow them to be put into positions of operating government agencies to run citizens lives and expect good results is out of their mind. We are entangled in many agreements , many of them not in any way advantageous to us that we need to review and act on . I believe our participation in the UN is to be short lived . We have wasted a lot of money overseas on people who hate us . We will begin using that money on our roads and bridges and expanding railroad traffic to lower the use of our road ways by trucks

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