Angry Vet over "13 hours" movie
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Angry Vet over "13 hours" movie

"13 Hours":from a disappointed American Veteran on my VetNet... I will apologize in advance for my anger for what you are about to read, but believe me, I'm calmer now than I was an hour ago. I just got home from seeing 13 hours, so I will make this short and not so sweet. The level of anger and hatred I now have for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama cannot be measured. To read about what happened in Benghazi Libya and see the interviews does not give one a clear picture, but to now see how it unfolded and played out over a 13 hour period, and how we left our fellow Americans to die, how the CIA agents in the Annex begged for help and then just wanted a simple fly over from a F-15 to hopefully scare away the insurgents after being attacked multiple times and knowing that Hillary was watching it take place (Yes, there was a drone flying over the complex the whole time and sending back a video feed)... only to have Washington DC deny it, should make any American ticked off! I can't tell you the amount of disgust from people in the theater throughout the movie, that this was allowed to happen, that Clinton and Obama lied to the faces of these families and then lied to the American people..... over and over again, you felt the anger and frustration! How Hillary Clinton is not behind bars right now proves how broken Washington DC has become. But to see her lying, smiling face on the campaign trail, knowing that she and or Obama played a role in the murders of these Americans, only proves how arrogant these two are and how they have no soul. The denial for help either came from the State Department or the White House and why we still do not have that answer is not acceptable! The movie is intense and is non stop from beginning to end and it’s as good as they said it is, maybe better. And... it's heartbreaking. After seeing this film, I have no idea why anyone would want to serve in our military under this administration or under any Liberal. They are corrupt and they are evil. They have the blood of these men and so many others on their filthy hands. There is a special place in hell for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and trust me, they are going there! I have no idea how anyone could watch this movie and then vote for the party of despicable trash who created the situation, left Americans to die, and then told the public pathetic lies to cover their treasonous butts is beyond redemption. God help the next person I run into who has a Hillary Sticker on their car! This isn’t a political film. And thank God for that. In truth it doesn’t need to be. The reality of the lack of security, the repeated calls for help that went unanswered are what they are. 13 Hours works because it isn’t a political film. It is a movie about bravery in the face of grim odds. It is a movie about the type of men who run toward the firefight, toward the bullets, even when they are outnumbered. Even when they are ordered to stand down. It is film about service, honor, patriotism and unfettered bravery. To know that there are men like these who serve this nation fills me with so much gratitude and awe. And to see their experience in those 13 hours in Benghazi come alive on the screen left me utterly speechless and overwhelmed. Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD. Go see it in the theater. Believe me. I’m going to see it again. Few movies are worth the outrageous ticket price anymore. But 13 Hours is. It’s worth far more. It’s priceless. The movie is excellent, exhausting and heartbreaking but it also makes you appreciate our military even more, especially those who go to work for our intelligence agencies in these hell holes and risk their lives while sacrificing their personal lives, hoping to keep us safe. It isn’t every year that something good comes out of Hollywood. So don’t miss this movie and make sure if you have a heart condition, to bring your meds. I don't think I had high blood pressure before I saw this, but I sure have it now!
Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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