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Affordable my ass

I  had been an insurance agent for 15 years in the State of Texas prior to Obama Care. OK for shits n giggles I logged on his Obama Care site and put in for a quote. OK now bare in mind, he said AFFORDABLE! Now based on federal data, Dublin median income is for A HOUSEHOLD $27,800.00 Nationally it is $54,462.00. So that being said we will consider both. Now I entered for a family of four with two parents and two kids which is typical American family. Alright The plan I am displaying directly from HEALTHCARE.GOV is not the best plan, it is moderate and In my opinion from experience, weak in coverage. Notice the monthly price. Of which no one over 35000.00 annual household income can qualify for ANY of the touted credits or help. So let's do the Obama CRAP math system to affordability.$1658.00 x12=$19896.00 per year price tag. OK $35000.00 household income - AFFORDABLE OBAMACARE $19896.00= NET INCOME FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR $15,104.00. Now that's if there is no event that causes using it ! When it does happen you will be required a deductible to be able to use this AFFORDABLE insurance of OBAMACARE and that is $8,250 additional for one calendar year... So $15,104.00- $8,250.00=$6,854.00 NET INCOME if God forbid just one serious illness is to occur, BUT regardless tell me on a year when nothing happens, BUT you are being forced, by federal government, with threats of penalties, to purchase his AFFORDABLE INSURANCE how can a family for four survive on $15104.00 a year?????? OR $6,854.00 if only one event were to happen????? I have set this to public settings PLEASE SHARE AND THANK YOU FOR READING!  
Pass this on to anybody you know with their head up their ass & gonna vote for Hilary or Bernie  !!!

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