Randy Deax for President Platform - Part 2
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Randy Deax for President Platform - Part 2

Randy Deax for President  continued from the January  issue 
Immediately upon my assuming the office of President of this nation i will direct the Armed forces of this nation to move troops / equipment to our entire southern border and close it . No entry .If our troops are fired upon they will have the authority to return fire in high volume until their attackers are silenced . All International crossings will be closed . I will direct the State department to close all but one U.S. Embassy in Mexico and direct Mexico to close all but one embassy in this nation . Any person or organization guilty of enticing , encouraging or assisting illegal aliens to enter this nation will pay a heavy price . We will enact another BRACERO type program if need be.
Judges will be required to render verdicts on law and not their ideology . If they value their jobs they will return to that idea.
We will undertake to see that congress undertakes far more oversight on these seemingly rogue government agencies which write their own version of the law and use their power to control behavior . I am reasonably certain that many , if not most government agencies have vastly over reached the power they were given when created . We will stop this behavior .
I see no reason to maintain membership in the U.N.
There are other international agencies we will need to review our membership in .
I will immediately convene a panel of business officials in order to accomplish the following : Putting nearly 30 million Americans back to work . Nothing will solve our budget deficit , social security shortfall and other social problems quicker then that will . First , we reduce the number of Americans that are dependent on the government for their livelihood and the tax revenues bought in reduce our money problems . Raising taxes is a hoax . We need jobs ,and that is what business does best , create jobs.
We need to build more refineries , revitalize our petro chemical industry and our manufacturing bases. We need to be selling the world OUR products . Why should we export our petroleum to some nation that pollutes more then we , pay all the freight and buy the 10's of thousands of products most Americans do not even realize are derived from petroleum that we use everyday ? The stronger this nation is the stronger the world is .
I will immediately gather about us the people in business that can begin to solve our water , food and energy problems . We should be distilling billions of gallons of water a day from our oceans . Where will you get your next drink of good water ? Right there . Where will we get the water we need to grow enough crops to supply us with a safe and plentiful food supply ? Right there . Why do we not have a nationwide system of moving flood water from one part of the nation to another that needs that water ?
I will ask Congress for an Armed foce of 5 million. I will ask for the volunteer force to be disbanded and replaced by a draft . No deferments . If i ask for a declaration of war it will be serious enough to involve the entire nation . This crap of leaving5 ,1 0 or 50 thousand of our people dead with no concrete result and retreat will not do it . If we must do to war when we finish their country will look exactly like 1945 Berlin , and Tokyo . Flat . I will not commit troops again and again until they are dead , wounded or mentally scarred . Everyone will get some .
The Veterans Administration will be overhauled and done so with a heavy hand .
You folks that want birth control , gay marriage , and etc. will have to see your state and local officials . Those are not issues which are any business of the federal government . States rights .
When i buy property it is bounded by property lines and trespassing laws . You may not enter my property , cross my property line without my consent . This is also true of civil rights . You have civil rights but your rights do not trump the rights of others. You may not trespass on anothers civil rights . if you want to get married and have a cake baked or a picture taken and you engage in a lifestyle that those you are requesting a service from does not agree with and will not oblige you that is all . That is their right and the fact that you engage in a particular right does not give you the leeway to compel them to do as you want . No. Find someone who renders those services and has no problem with it to do it . You don't like my cross ? You don't like my Nativity scene ? You don't like my flag ?My statue ? My Bible ? Tough . Don't look . Walk on the other side . Go around . But i have the right to enjoy what i believe in as much as you do yours , but your rights do not give you the right to take mine away . Get used to that .
The court systems must be speeded up and cases not allowed to drag on for years . Those convicted of murder staying on death row for decades is a travesty . Gonna have to speed this legal thing up . Judges are going to have to hold court more then 2 -3 hours  a day , 2 - 3 days a week .
Probably the thing that America needs is an amendment limiting term limits for members of Congress . We need to retire 60% of Congress members in 2016 .
Government cannot be Left or Right . It must stay in the center and do what is best for the majority . Can't please everyone but we must do what is right . If you can believe in this send it on and share it .
Thank you .
Ol Randy makes more sense that the ones we got running now . Either write in a vote for Randy or make damn sure you hold ever who you vote for to these standards……if not we are gonna lose this country & damn fast  !!!

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