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Randy Deax for President Platform

Randy Deax for President
Ladies & Gentlemen ,
I spent a total 9 years in the U.S. Navy . From 21 Sep. 1967 - 21 Aug. 1969 I was stationed in Vietnam . I believe in this Nation and love her dearly . I am no fool but being 72 years old now I will not be here much longer . But my children , Grand Children and their children will . Maybe . I purchased this ad with my own money that i could use elsewhere for sure but if i can help our nation and by so doing help my children to be granted the privilege of living in this nation and enjoying and loving it as much as i then it is money well spent .history proves that only about 1% of a population will actually defend their nation . I am of that 1 % , never doubt that . I do not sit at my computer and bitch in print all day . I am not fearful of getting out in front .
Now let me get to the comical part .
I intend to run for President of The United States on an Independent write in vote . That is the only way to beat the system. In 2012 there were some 70 million ELIGIBLE American voters who did not vote ! Why ? Because they did not believe what the DNC / RNC was shoveling at them and felt unrepresented . The Nation now NEEDS those 70 million voters to stand up and vote for the platform , not me , but for the platform i have outlined here . You need to register to vote as an independent. You need to send this on to everyone you know . You need to encourage all to register and vote .Our two poloitcal parties cannot survive unless you stay at home . They depend on it . They do not WANT you to vote . They are running their own agenda and do not want any interference from the hidden Americans . Fed up ? Get off your computer , get busy and get the vote out . Run independent candidates for your state wide and national offices . The urgent thing is to send at least 60% of current members of Congress home and replace them with American candidates . Bind them to passing a term limit amendment amendent for congress .
Quit your bitching about how things are and do SOMETHING to help change the system.
Change ? Onl. two ways to enact change . The ballot box or the cartridge box .
1) The Federal Income Tax as we know it will be dead .
We will turn to a sales tax based tax collection system . If it is sold , excluding medicine and food , it will have a tax placed on it when you pay .
This will get the IRS out of the face of Americans and reduce the power of the federal government over our citizens . The size of the agency can be reduced cutting operating costs. There will be no payroll deductions , no tax filing deadline and no refunds . Americans will get their entire pay without paying a withholding tax .
All deductions for social security and the matching contributions of your employer will go into an account dedicated only to Social Security . It will not be put into the general budget fund .
Why do we need to continue running deficits , cutting benefits on S.S. Medicare , paying unemployment and RAISING TAXES every time we turn araoud ? Have been on foreign aid cuts . Lets put Americans back to work and let them earn their way instead of paying them tax money not to work ? Don't add up to Me !
The Department of Education will be disbanded and the States can regulate their educational systems on a local level which will respond to local needs much better then a federal system does . There will be no federal system for educational dollars to support which will enable funds to have more impact on the Nations schools .
The State Dept. will immediately stop all foreign aid . That program is history .
All immigration programs will be suspended until they are reviewed .
The State Dept . will have 60 days to inform the FBI of all persons who have over stayed their visas . These people will immediately be deported.
The E - Verify system will be immediately used for those job seeking , renting or buying a home , seeking utility service for their residence , any banking service , buying or insuring an automobile .
Anyone in this country illegally will have 30 days grace to leave the United States without penalty . After that 30 days they will be fined , jailed and lose any possessions they have acquired while residing in this nation illegally . Anyone in this nation illegally will be deported . Our law will be obeyed . If we can demand of our citizens to obey all our law each and everyday we will most certainly demand it of none citizens . We do not have the option to pick and choose which law and when we ill obey them. The Government is supposed to enforce all law equally and that is the way it will be.
 (randy’s platform will be continued in the January issue….be sure to read it on page 18 )  if you want to subscribe to the Buzzard Roost News click on the subscribe button & print out the subscription blank

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