My ol buddy Randy is right....pass it on
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My ol buddy Randy is right....pass it on

All you people who are / were offended by the action of Paul Ryan / Congress Friday and want term limits do me a favor . Go look intently in the mirror . There you see your term limits . The Constitution has them in there . Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution so American citizens would control the government and not the other way around . You don't care but it provides you the opportunity to bitch loudly and do nothing , secure in your verbal assault that you have ac
ted . Most of you don't even bitch . Would you stay as mute and inactive if it was your BIBLE and religion they were taking away ? Well , it is and you don't care enough to notice it . Next time you go to Sunday school or Church take copies of the Koran and pass them around . Tell them church going folks that they best BONE up on the Koran because it will soon be what is being preached . You old folks best be hitting up SS & Medicare for new fangled equipment that will help you up off your damned prayer rug and back into your wheel chair .
Look into the mirror . There is your problem . We need votes and by forming a 5 - 10 ( Or more ) person cell that will vote in a bloc
and each person try to get 3 -5 more to see the light and they can get 3 -5 more and they .....
I have written a political platform that you need to look at , I did not say agree with or even like , just look at the ideas set forth and ask yourself if we would be better off using that .
The first half of it will be published in the " Buzzard Roost " news on the 1st of Jan. Check it out . Forward this and that platform along . Do something !!!
Merry Christmas !
Please re- post if you are really angry and want to get something done . It starts with YOU !

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