Hilary's three biggest lies
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Hilary's three biggest lies

At the end of each year, the Washington Post publishes a list of the biggest lies their fact checkers uncovered in politics. It’s a special place reserved for those who earned themselves the maximum “four Pinocchios,” the lowest rating for truthfulness. Last year, our own President B. Hussein Obama found himself on the list for three different whoppers.
So in the spirit of the Washington Post’s list – and because we don’t want her to feel left out — we thought it would be appropriate to detail some of Hillary’s biggest lies of the year, beginning with a rebuttal from the Washington Post’s own list.
1. Gay Marriage Backtracking
How interesting that the Democratic establishment opposed gay marriage until it garnered the majority of public support. Many aren’t letting the flip-floppers who miraculously had a change of heart just as the public did live down their prior positions.
In defending her husband’s support of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Hillary
that there was political momentum at the time to amend the Constitution for a traditional marriage amendment, and that Bill only supported DOMA to prevent things from going further.
The Washington Post’s review of found “little public evidence that Democratic lawmakers decided to vote for DOMA because of a threat of a constitutional amendment.” No such amendment was ever even proposed.
2. EmailGate
Regarding her private email servers, Hillary told Trey Goudy that “90 to 95 percent of my emails were in the State system.” Where did she get that figure from? Nobody has a clue. She also claimed that no classified information was in her private emails, which was quickly shown to be a lie. And for the lie that the Benghazi attacks were in response to a video? See the brief compilation video below juxtaposing Clinton’s claims against the truth:

And here was the weirdest claim: that this controversy wouldn’t have even happened if Hillary hadn’t
in the first place. Prior to the State Department releasing Hillary’s emails in May 2015, VICE filed a freedom of information act request in November 2014 asking for all of Clinton’s emails, and filed a lawsuit in January 2015 to expedite the process. In other words, Hillary released her emails because they were going to be made public anyway.
3. Marines
Generating new lies can be exhausting, so Clinton opted for recycling old ones that were already debunked over 20 years prior and hoping nobody would notice. The story she recalled is when
in 1975, and was rejected because of her age and for being a woman.
The claim was met with skepticism when it was first made in 1994 – even by liberals like Maureen Dowd at the New York Times who pointed out that Hillary Clinton had worked on anti-war campaigns before allegedly trying to join the marines.
Susan Hutchinson, who actually was a woman in the marines in the 1970s, also
in Clinton’s story. For example:
> In the wake of the Vietnam War, the United States military was having difficulty recruiting individuals for service. The draft had ended and the United States was shifting to an all-volunteer force. To boost numbers, the military began to recruit from nontraditional sources, and made it easier than ever for women to join.
> With Mrs. Clinton’s college and law school credentials, a Marine recruiter would have quickly referred her to an Officer Selection Officer (OSO), who recruits future Marine officers. The Marine Corps at that time was very much in need of lawyers. It makes no sense that a recruiter would have rejected outright a female (very in-demand) Yale Law grad who had served on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation.
Lastly, one can become a Marine officer up to his or her 28th birthday, so her age (26 at the time) would not have precluded her from service.
We’re certain we’ve missed a few – but we can’t publish an article as long as a book! Let us know your top Clinton lies of the year (that the media continues to cover up)

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