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A bit Unbama

Recently, President Unbama taunted the Supreme Court for taking up a challenge to Obamacare and boldly declared that his health care law is a success. This constituted a clear warning of what the "Emperor of Discord" expected of the "Not-so-Supreme Court". And like Lemmings they complied...the Judicial Branch of our governmental triad had been suborned! Had the best interests of the United States been served and Obama's warning been neglected, what could he have done to the Justices who had defied him?   In reality, the president is willfully disregarding the facts and ignoring mounting evidence about the Affordable Care Act’s failures. Unbamacare remains unaffordable, unworkable and unfair to the American people.The Un-American president is untruthing...just as he does about everything else. His untruths have left their 'cow-patty' trail into our schools. So-called “reforms” by his well placed untruthers  on the College Board, which holds a virtual monopoly on A.P. testing across the country, abandon a rigorous insistence on content in favor of downplaying American citizenship, American achievement and American world leadership in favor of a more global and transnational perspective...or--UnAmericanism. This malodorous ideology has even trickled down into Primary Education, casting aspersions upon the true heroes of the past and labeling them with terms like "racist", "tyrannical", "short sighted"...etc. Unbama's attack upon America and its bright history began with the foundation of our Nation and has permeated into virtually every facet of our lives. He and his minions have even attacked God and the Bible. Our country has been under attack since the very first day Unbama took office. Considering how Unbama has vitiated the Military with his whimsical and abjective ideological scorn, can there be any questions as to why we are currently so vulnerable to Islamic Terrorism? I remain convinced that Unbama is merely a puppet dancing at the end of well guided strings controlled by George Soros and others who believe America is too good and must be slapped down. If these efforts do, in fact, go beyond Unbama, could they be woven within the DNC? Are they "pruning" the Armed Forces to establish a force which will primarily be loyal and subservient to the President as opposed having loyalty to the Constitution? If given eight more years in office, the Left will be able to use the Military to confiscate firearms...completely ignoring the Constitution and posse comitatus. The Left wants a force to control the population as opposed to having a force which will defend the our Nation. The White House in intentionally weakening and stripping our Military...reducing us as a superpower. Anyone in the Military who disagrees or speaks out is identified and forced out. Every dictatorial regime has done this the minute they come to power. Keep in mind that Unbama is on his fourth Secretary of Defense and Hillary has a strong aversion against the Military.The Left is not merely liberal...they are progressive, which freely translates into a cloaking term behind which they can hide the fact that they are socialists and communists...mostly communists. If you have a problem with this premise, reach out and grab a copy of the CPUSA ( Communist Party/USA ) platform and compare it with the democratic party platform. If there is a history of the United States to be written beyond these years, if we overcome the damage wrought by Obama and his ilk, will it portray us as the free and prosperous people we have been in the past?Jim Morris

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