Obama has crossed a serious line
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Obama has crossed a serious line

Fellow Minuteman,

I have been warning you for years. There is something VERY, VERY wrong about Barack Obama’s presidency. Even wartime presidents never went as far as he does.

But Barack Hussein Obama has now crossed a serious line -- and I need your help and financial support to put it right.

Step 1: Barack Hussein Obama completely bypassed the U.S. Constitution and all the rules of Congress, and granted himself the power to impose a brutal version of Martial Law -- RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!!!

Step Two. Obama set up a huge multi-state military exercise. Its codename is Jade Helm.

It’s a dry run for his ultimate plan to crush America and bring it under his total control. He’s going to declare Martial Law and dig his statist, socialist claws deep into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Special forces are set to swarm eight states in the American Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in a massive military exercise involving 1,200 service members during July.

This so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law.

Damn straight we’re fearful! Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order was one thing, but now he’s made a power play for tyranny ANYTIME HE WANTS!

But wait! There’s one other thing you must know.

Step 3. This Executive Order 13295 was issued during the Ebola scare.  Yet Obama’s instructions to FEMA instructs them to create “quarantine camps” and allows for the "apprehension, detention or conditional release of individuals to prevent the transmission, or spread of communicable diseases." It refers to any degree of respiratory distress. That’s right! You can be rounded up for asthma, the sniffles, a head cold. And yet there is not one word in the Executive Order about doctors, nurses, medical facilities or volunteer services. These are NOT medical camps he’s preparing for - they’re Obama’s concentration camps!

Obama will have total, DICTATOR control.

Essentially, he’s off the leash -- he answers to no one and doesn’t have to worry about electoral consequences anymore.

I know that Minuteman Project supporters always agree with me about Obama’s power grab and -- until I ask for financial help.

But that help is exactly what we need in our grassroots campaign to battle Obama’s ruthless grab for supreme Communist power.

Please help by clicking here and making your very best donation.

Without your efforts, I fear Obama will go hog-wild and impose his brand of top-down socialism on America. 

I can’t imagine you and me living in an America under Obama’s personal control. But it’s in the cards unless I get your support.

As you know, the Minutemen Project couldn’t fight this battle to preserve our Constitution and protect our rights without supporters like you. But mere talk won’t stop Obama. And regrettably, far too many of our supporters are just talking -- not nearly enough are funding our crucial efforts to protect the rights of all Americans.

I hear a lot of people talk and complain about how Barack Obama is acting like a king, handing out amnesty for illegal immigrants and gifting them with all kinds of welfare and free healthcare. But this is so much worse than we could ever have predicted.

And I know we’re not going to defeat Obama’s unconstitutional power grab with talk.

The only way to win is with hard work, guts and passion. And your financial assistance. >>CLICK HERE TO DONATE>>

I’ve written to you today because I know you’re a trustworthy supporter of our efforts. And I’m going to ask you to do something for the Minuteman Project and our America.

I must ask you to step in for all the talkers and be a DOER.

 Your voice is vitally important in this fight. Obama’s unconstitutional Martial Law Power Grab is a clarion call to action for all Americans -- but especially patriots like you and me.

Obama has grabbed blank-check dictatorship powers that are a violent assault on our personal liberty, property rights and the rule of law.

And now he’s getting ready to impose it through the military! He’s getting ready to grab our guns, round up ‘dissenters’ like us, subdue the people and instantly create a Soviet-like statist regime.

Here at the Minuteman Project, we warned you of his intentions. We knew it wouldn’t be long coming. And right now he’s moving with devastating purpose. 

Obama will soon have total, DICTATOR control. Remember, he learned it from his terrorist mentor, Bill Ayers...

...who was once asked what his violent Weathermen group would do when they achieved their goal of a communist takeover of America. He said:

“50 million Americans will need reeducating in concentration camps located in southwestern American states, and about 25 million will have to be eliminated.”

****** ELIMINATED. That means killed. *******

Right now, Obama has all these pieces in place. He’s ready to go from July.

Martial Law is set up, Military Suppression in the South West is in play, and the Concentration Camps are ready to go.

Welcome to our America under the certifiably dangerous Obama.

We must -- and will -- stop his diabolical plan. Will you help?

The only good news here is that there is still a way to ensure his plans can never be implemented.

Congress has the power to pass legislation that would make all his takeover plans illegal, and cut all funding to every last one of them.

In fact, it's the ONLY thing that can stop Obama's evil totalitarian take-over of our America.

So we're going to fight to defang and defund these abominations. Which is why I am asking you to support Minuteman Project in this crucial battle.

Your voice is vitally important in this fight. Obama’s unconstitutional Martial Law Power Grab is a clarion call to action for all Americans -- but especially patriots like you and me. Obama constantly belittles and ridicules us -- the patriots -- and now we must band together to save our nation. There is no time to lose. Obama is poised to seize absolute power and time is of the essence.

I need your donation  -- and more from patriots all across our nation. Please forward this email to your like-minded friends.

I need to take the fight to every Congressional leader’s office...

...and to Barack Hussein Obama himself -- right there in the White House -- so he’ll know the jig is up...

...and I’ll also bombard the national news media, the Obama Administration, power brokers within both parties, and key Minuteman Project allies with our message:


Already, several Congressmen have stepped up and introduced legislation that will put an end Obama's outrageous power grabs.

But we must get a lot more attention drawn to this issue.

I hope you will help us. To put it simply, we need your financial help. I know that when you click through to DONATE, you are not only giving us the go-ahead to take this fight to Washington...

...but you are also helping to ensure that the House of Representatives and its Republican majority understands that the country really means it...

...and that Congress must stop its partisan bickering and derail, defund and anti-legislate against the biggest power grab in history -- and Obama’s communist plans for our America.

Please help the Minuteman Project build up support for this nationwide project.

Every day of delay is one less day we have to take back America’s future and play our part in its transformation. There is no time to lose.

Thank you for your continued support and patriotism. And may God Bless America.




Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President
The Minuteman Project

P.S. This is a huge Minuteman Project campaign. As Obama moves even more of his pieces into place, (he just put out a bid for “ambulance” contracts to service the FEMA camps that have no doctors,) I need your support more than ever before. Please click to DONATE and send your most generous contribution to help me and The Minuteman Project save our America.

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