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To my list of what I call "the alphabet soup of LLM"...liberal lying media...I have added "Rolling Stone". Actually, I should have added it long before the Erdely mass of fetid molecules decided to perpetrate her lies. However, her style of unJournalism had become de rigueur for the LLM long before she spewed out her manure concerning the imagined rape at the University of Virginia. In truth, she, one of the purveyors of half-truth and innuendo...Sabrina Erdely*...had left the malodorous stable of LLM and had resorted to fabricating news. Did she do it for personal acclaim or did she do it to feed the fires of liberal progressiveness?Herein lies the problem. Journalism does not require sympathy for human beings. It requires no sympathy for readers, who deserve truth. But for the left, truth represents a secondary value. It is far more important to forward a particular political narrative than it is to simply state the facts. And that narrative can only be forwarded if there is controversy over the facts. If, for example, everyone agreed that Jackie had been gang raped, there would be no controversy over sending her rapists to prison or prosecuting all those who looked the other way. But the leftist narrative requires an opposition, a group of evil haters who take rape less than seriously. That is how society can be blamed for the alleged rape of one woman by seven men.So the left specifically chooses to feature situations in which facts are under dispute. Then leftists claim that no one could reasonably dispute the facts; the only people who would dispute facts about the occurrence of an evil are those who sympathize with the evil. Leftists craft Americans who require evidence into victimizers, simply so they can portray themselves as heroes. If you wanted evidence of racism with regard to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, you were a fan of Bull Connor-style police brutality. If you wanted evidence with regard to Lena Dunham’s rape accusations, you stood with rapists. Leftists don’t require any evidence; they will take any allegations that support the narratives they desire at face value because that’s how seriously they take rape, racism, etc...and themselves. There is no leftist sympathy for the victim or alleged victim; it is an opportunity to disparage anyone who does not believe in their twisted ideology.The LLM’s mythmaking will surely continue. It's much easier to create news than work and investigate for their stories. That requires perseverance and character. And there will never be consequences for that mythmaking because like Sabrina Erdely, their failures spring from pseudo-caring, no matter who gets hurt.*Sabrina Erdely is an American(?) magazine reporter(?) best known for the publication in Rolling Stone of an article detailing the alleged rape, later found to not have occurred...ergo-a lie...of a University of Virginia student by several fraternity members.Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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