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False Prophets

  • There are ways of vetting potential candidates and I suggest we inform ourselves as best we can. Caveat emptor!
  • False Perfection. All of the folks who take on these personas (yes, they're playing characters) put on an air of flawlessness that seems kind of grotesque and cartoonish from arms-length. But this is a very necessary part of the formula, because they represent the absence of every problem that you or I seek to escape. Their teeth are whiter, bank account is bigger, and they are never, ever sad. If they just seemed like a regular person, why would we want to emulate their lives? Yet the mass media, after embracing Obama as being the "second coming", could not push him away to arms-length because that would highlight their own flaws.  
  • False Authority. False prophets always claim to have access to information you can't otherwise access without them. Yet the democrats, mass media and half the voters  in these United States became convinced that this community organizer with a poor Senate report card held the answers to all the ills they believed extant. From the entry through the faux-Greek edifice to his triumphant trumpeting about his "hope and change"...it was all a lie to people who are now claiming themselves to be victims of a colossal scam. By contriving his association with a church and a minister who had his own axes to grind with America, he managed to weave religion into his campaign. If God had a message for us, don't you think it could be conveyed by a means other than through a guy with perfect hair, capped teeth, wearing a $10,000 watch and a $5,000 suit?
  • False Hope. Along with this authority, there was some sort of reassurance or certainty offered. But it's always transactional or conditional in nature. Buy into my ideology and we can bring about hope and change became the icon. I'll be your modern day Robin Hood and take from the rich to give to the poor. Abide and agree with me and I'll make sure you get the hope you're looking for even if I have to take it away from other folks. But that's the codification about this brand of hope: it's always hope for something someone else has. Obama led people to believe that hope and change was like a vending machine and demonizing the upper class and the middle class was the means of exchange...or the tender. True hope is independent of conditions or circumstances, just like real love doesn't require anything in return. Both simply exist for the sake of themselves. Conditional, contingent hope is really just a wish.
  • False Gospel. Your life could be so much better, more meaningful, more complete, if only (fill in the blank). This is what my hope and change will bring you. This kind of good news hucksterism, which is hardly the sole purview of politicians, always suggests that all of the imperfections, problems, senses of lack, want, etc, can all go away if you get the formula right...push the right button Ultimately all of these schemes are about chasing a fleeting feeling or some nonexistent sense of total fulfillment which simply isn't real.
  • False Healing . Along these lines, there's a temporary sense of fulfillment that comes from throwing oneself completely into the illusion that a false prophet can give you everything you want or need. There's a rush, not unlike doing drugs, or skydiving or having sex. This is what Obama offered. But just like those things, the good feelings fade and you're still you in the end, with all the same longings, scars and imperfections. Only now, you still have the lingering realization that the thing you tried to heal yourself from all of these woes didn't work. So you're left with trying to chase after the next thing that promises the same kind of healing, or with the knowledge that you've been suckered. And by then, the false prophet has already moved on to the next mark. Hillary??? Could she be Mrs. Benedict Arnold???
A true prophet is a truth-teller, one who sees and names things for what they really are, not for what we want them to be. They're often unpopular for their claims, because they challenge the false constructs of a culture that it tries to use to distract itself from dealing with its real issues. But even if the truths such prophets claim aren't necessarily pleasant, they do present an opportunity for liberation: from the illusion that suffering or pain is your fault; from the misconception that the goal of life is personal satisfaction; from the wasted time, energy and money expended on trying to achieve such nonexistent aspirations.The American electorate believed Barak Obama and he has marginalized the United States in every manner he could and continues to do so. Hillary Clinton will be more of the same. The divine inspiration which surrounded Obama's "Hope and Change" was clearly false prophesy which has led us to the precipice of ruin."Whenever the people in an industry or a service, or even in a country, misconceive reality, whenever they therefore make erroneous assumptions about the narrative, their efforts will be misdirected to their disadvantage."Jim Morris
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