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What's right is right

There was nothing profound...in the arena of truth...when Obama stated that Yemen and Somalia were success stories in the (his?) war against terror. Quite the contrary for all the political observers who were almost convinced that the Kenyan had committed a rhetorical faux pas. It is absolute fact that Yemen and Somalia personify the worst outcomes of failed nations which are falling to Islamic fascist-aligned forces...Sunni and Shiite. The reality is that the gaffe was not a gaffe. Sigmund would call it a "slip". It revealed Obama's diarrhetic and dyslexic priorities and hoped for protocols in the MidEast. It succinctly mirrors his view...along with the other "World Order" saliva sippers...that Libya is a great success and Egypt's ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood by Egypt's military as an abject failure.If reality were a measuring device, Obama's immoral foreign policy would unite both sides of the aisle against him, but the left is too busy kissing the Obama butt. What other conclusion can be made about an administration that considers Iranian Ayatollah Kumauni...responsible for killing over 1,000 U.S. soldiers...a strategic partner and the Israeli Prime Minister as the ultimate foe...and blames ISIS/ISIL on George W. Bush? Especially when the sentient portion of the citizens of the world can clearly see that Obama himself is responsible for ISIS/ISIL.At the same time this administration erased any connection between Iran, Hezbollah and the threat of terror, they are refusing to congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu on his reelection in Israel. Worse, Obama is now threatening retaliation against Israel for voting to reelect his arch-enemy. In response to Netanyahu’s rejection of a Palestinian terror state, Obama is considering, among other punitive and petty responses, supporting the unilateral push at the U.N. General Assembly for Palestinian statehood.Polls have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of the public opposes Obama on Iran and Israel. There’s no reason Republicans cannot harness the same momentum against Obama’s foreign policy and unite behind an effective use of soft power against our enemies while holding Obama accountable for his treatment of Israel.Now is also a good time for all of the presidential wannabes to speak beyond platitudes on foreign policy and come out definitively against a Palestinian state. What's wrong is wrong. No Republican administration should continue down this path of failed policy or expend any American diplomatic capital pursuing it. Much like Israeli voters, Americans are clamoring for a leader with moral clarity against evil. What's right is right. Could one therefore draw the conclusion that--at least from a foreign policy standpoint-- what's left...is wrong?  Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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