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Bibi did exactly as I thought he would...exceptional! The twice wounded, highly intelligent Warrior cum politician eloquently told us the absolute truth and did so without a teleprompter. Imagine that! I've long been a Netanyahu fan specifically and an admirer of Israel generally. I saw Bibi's speech as a warning to Obama and Congress that Israel would take the initiative in slowing Iran's nuclear potential if they didn't get off of their collective butts and do the moral and right thing. Congress and the commie in the white house could well make the United States and the people dwelling here much safer by at least stiffening sanctions against Iran. As I think about it, I believe the Israelis can do the job better than the U.S. as long as Obama reigns. If Boehner and Mike McConnell had half the dedication for this country which Bibi has for Israel...if they had half the patriotic and protective feelings for the people they represent as does Bibi for his people, this country would be much better. But they have been neutered by their fear of being labeled a their fear that the media would write "bad" things about them. Hell!!! They're afraid of their own shadows. They can talk the talk but they cannot walk the walk. Their days in Congress should be over! But back to Bibi... Netanyahu received wild applause when he said: “The world should demand that Iran do three things. First, stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East. Second, stop supporting terrorism around the world. And third, stop threatening to annihilate my country, Israel, the one and only Jewish state.”Israel’s Prime Minister again received rather thunderous applause and a standing ovation when he noted that Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel was in the audience—and when he said: “My friend, standing up to Iran is not easy. Standing up to dark and murderous regimes never is. Elie, your life and work inspires to give meaning to the words, ‘never again!’ And I wish I could promise you, Elie, that the lessons of history have been learned. I can only urge the leaders of the world not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”And then, Netanyahu brought in the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, which begins tomorrow night, and which commemorates a time long ago when another Persian state wanted to annihilate the Jews. “Again, another Persian potentate wants to destroy us. Khamenei tweets in English that Israel must be destroyed.” It amazes that the left doesn't understand that if Israel falls, the danger to the United State increases exponentially! But Netanyahu understands that the threat is bigger than one leveled only against the Jews. Iran threatens the entire Middle East, America, and the world as it gobbles up country after country. He reminded the assembled that Iran’s leaders and their Revolutionary Guard cry “Death to America;” that “Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam;” that “both want to impose a militant Islamic empire.” “In this deadly game of thrones there is no place for America or Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews, or Muslims who don’t share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom for anyone.”Netanyahu explained that the deal President Obama was working on will only pave the way to a nuclear Iran, that it will never stop it. This “bad deal” will guarantee that Iran develops nuclear weapons.” It was clear that the Senators and Congressmen who were listening to Netanyahu’s speech agreed with every word he said. In my opinion, PM Netanyahu won the moment and President Obama’s absence and hostile attempts to minimize or demonize Netanyahu’s upcoming speech as “partisan” failed. Bibi knows what will happen to the United States if Israel falls. So does Obama and Company. What does that tell you?We must contrast Netanyahu’s graciousness and respectful tone toward Obama with Obama’s peevish, hostile, and petty nastiness towards Netanyahu. Clearly, Netanyahu, not Obama, is the world-class statesman. Obama, on the other hand, is a world class enemy of the free world.Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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