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Bend Over Here It Comes Again

We are now living at what Churchill called “a hinge of fate.” Iran is poised to develop nuclear weapons. The Iranians speak of genocide against the Jews and worldwide conquest as fondly as Hitler did. In America, we are all players in this drama. If you cannot understand this...I'd suggest you build a very deep bunker and/or learn Arabic. Remember...while the Ostrich has its head in the ground it can still have its butt shot off!The entire lesson from the 20 century is to prevent calamitous developments before it is too late ( See: 9/11 ). We have had national unanimity on this point. For thirty-five years there has been bi-partisan recognition that Iran is a terror state, dangerous to Israel, the Saudis, Europe, America. Iran has become more dangerous, not less. Iran has also become weaker economically. The Saudi oil price war gives us a real chance that economic sanctions could bring the mullahs down. Except that Obama lifted the sanctions and no longer wants the regime brought down. Do you suspect that he may know something we don't?None of us has a part so small it cannot be turned into a speaking part. There is no price if we confront our own President and his party. No one will turn us in if we dare speak our consciences. So why are our Democrat friends and neighbors silent and loyal as Obama turns them 180 degrees from the direction they always faced before, standing up to Iran and showing support and respect for our ally, Israel? Why are they willing to follow him wherever he goes, even to a nuclear Iran, even to orchestrating a partisan onslaught against Israel’s Prime Minister?If we don't speak up, Iran will realize its dream of setting off an EMP device over the East Coast corridor.Obama and his plebeian, Lemming-like acolytes are trying to turn the United States culture into an anti-Semitic one when it is a given that Israel is our strongest ally in the MidEast. Israel may be our only one since most of the Nations of Islam think Obama's a joke.Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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