Reason Obama ordered Marines to lay down weapons
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Reason Obama ordered Marines to lay down weapons

The INFURIATING Reason Obama Ordered Marines to Lay Down Their WeaponsIt wasn’t all that long ago that President Barack Obama was pointing to Yemen as an example of the results of his strategy to engage radical Islamic terror (although he didn’t use those words, of course).As it turns out, Yemen is a perfect example of the consequences of Obama’s policies — the nation has fallen apart as its government has been overcome by local Shia militias with loyalties to Iran’s leadership.As a result, the United States and other Western nations, fearing violence, closed their embassies and departed Sanaa, the nation’s capital.But it gets worse.“Houthi rebels took all U.S. Embassy vehicles parked at the Yemeni capital’s airport and wouldn’t let departing U.S. Marines take their weapons with them,” a top Sanaa airport official told CNN.

“According to the official, the Houthis seized many U.S. Marines’ weapons at the airport, and the American troops also handed over some to random airport officials,” they reported (H/T RedState).Airport officials claimed that over 25 vehicles were seized by the rebels at the Sanaa airport and that some of them contained personal weapons. A Marine official, however, said that no operational weapons were left behind.The Marines destroyed larger weapons and turned over personal weapons to “Yemeni officials” because they were leaving the country on a commercial flight and could not take them on the plane, according to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren.Regardless of the ultimate disposition of those weapons, the fact that Obama would require our brave U.S. Marines to destroy or turn over their weapons — an act taken only by those who are retreating or have been vanquished in battle — is an utter disgrace.The fact that it was done in the face of the Iran-linked Houdi rebels, moreover, has led some to speculate that Obama gave the order to placate his “friends” in Iran’s regime, hoping to score points in his negotiations with that government over their nuclear program.In fact, it’s even possible that Iran demanded that Obama give such an order as part of those negotiations — and that Obama caved.Personally, I don’t want to think that of any president, not even this one.But, given his record, I can’t think of any reason to disbelieve it, either.

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