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Meandering by Jim Morris

There is a remarkable and strong political undertow developing. To date, 3 states have already passed Constitutional Convention legislation and 39 states are just finishing or working on the legislation. 34 states are required to convene a Constitutional Convention and 38 are required to ratify amendments set forth by the Convention. The two main thrusts will be reining in spending and its heinous effects on the citizenry and term limits. Spending must be first on the agenda because our national debt has grown to over $150,000.00 for each citizen. We have been spent into economic slavery. It should be comforting to know that some of our problems with government are being addressed.As I think about the Denmark Islamic terrorist episode I'm surprised that so few were murdered. Drawing on my 5 years in the MidEast and what we are seeing in the news concerning Islamic Terrorism, this was a pin-prick. But Denmark is approaching the episode in the correct manner. They're treating it as a monumental attack upon the entire country as opposed to an isolated attack...rallying the masses against Islamic Terrorism. The Danes may well be showing the free world how to confront the Islamic terrorists. It compels me to believe that the folks on the left wing have forgotten 9/11. The United States had  its wake-up call and has rolled over and gone back to sleep. George Santayana said it best..."those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."21 Christians have just been beheaded in Libya. To paraphrase a Dachau plaque, could it be said of these 21 Christians that the example of those exterminated there, because of their rejection of Islam, help to unite the living for the defense of peace and freedom and in respect for their fellow men.The only way to defeat Islamic terrorists is to prove to them that we're determined to escalate our war against them to a degree that they themselves find prove to them that we're willing to take their savagery to new heights.There are times...moments...when I can almost believe that the conflict in Ukraine is continuing simply so Obama and Putin can tweak each others' noses. It also presents Obama with a narrative he can use to deflect attention away from his pogrom against America. 

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