Open letter to Boehner & McConnell
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Open letter to Boehner & McConnell

Gentlemen...I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here...comments by Bee Harvey Obama the past couple of days have compelled me to review my own perspective of what is happening in this nation of ours. I have cleaned my filters several times but the view is still the same. So...indulge me while I point out some perceptions which will not go away.The first is prompted by a statement I received from a former Commanding Officer for whom I have a lot of respect."ISIS executes a Jordanian pilot and Jordan retaliates by executing some terrorists and follows that up with a major bombing attack on ISIS facilities vowing to continue until ISIS is brought down.ISIS beheads an American and Zero heads to the links for a round of golf.Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? Oh well, perhaps I'm simply just too critical. Must be my military background!"Perhaps this might not be considered a PC statement but, isn't this what happened? Isn't this a reality? And how about BHO's statement about the Crusades and the followers of Christ and their heinous acts. Let's consider heinous acts for a moment. Back in the 1200's A.D., who would tie a man's arms and legs...each to a camel or horse...and whip the animals into a frenzied run until the prisoner's limbs were torn from his/her body? Who regularly skinned their prisoners while still alive? Who slowly lowered their prisoners into a bed of hot coals or boiling water and oil? Who severed prisoner's limbs and watched as they slowly and agonizingly bleed to death?Are you guys too busy featherbedding to address these deviations from the truth? C'mon!!! We're watching and what we see isn't career enhancing. Everyone calls out Brian Williams...who I personally don't care for but view as something as bothersome as---say--a runny nose...for half truths and innuendo when BHO gets a free pass for lying to the nation for six years and continues to do so.Many out here...voters...have come to the conclusion that your internecine warfare between you regulars(?) and the Tea Party and other conservative members of the GOP is prohibiting the execution of your offices. You're beginning to look like a bunch of second graders opposing the new first graders intrusion on the elementary school's playground. Would it surprise you to know that we the people elected these real conservatives to show you and your midstreamers what the voting public want and expect?What if I told you that the train is leaving the station and you guys are still on the platform? Prior to the know, 2014...we the people heard you saying how you could oppose BHO and his minions and repair some of the damage wrought over the past six years. Where's the beef??? Haven't you realized that the real struggle here has everything to do with the attitude of an undereducated, race baiting community organizer? I use the term "undereducated" because his transcripts have been locked down. There could only be one reason for that. Let's see...BHO has ripped away the upper command structure of our Military, driven the nation to the brink of economic failure, shredded the Constitution, alienated our only true ally in the MidEast and he and his ilk continue to lie about the numbers to give the LIVs a false sense of security. Worst of all, they are aiding and abetting our enemies.It's time for you to quit bickering and face the job at hand. We don't need rhetoric! We don't want labor pains...we want babies!!!   Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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