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Life in its ownself - Jim Morris

  LIFE ITS OWNSELF: THE POST 2014 REALITY  In 2008, I wrote several commentaries about how I interpreted the Obama policies to have, as a purpose, to marginalize...and even nullify...America's middle class. Nothing I have seen since has compelled me to change my mind. At this point in time, the middle class has shrunk 22% from its 2007 level. It is the single most salient indicator which reveals the administration's intent to destroy the U.S. economy. It is a given that it is the middle class which actually offers a sturdy base for a growing economy. Take away the middle class and destabilize the U.S. economy. Simple math.All that to say that if we wish to recover the economical malaise brought about by Obama and his other socio-communists, the GOP should be looking for a proven player who has exhibited a penchant and determination to repair and rebuild the "free enterprise" system. It has been proven...time and time again..that letting the free enterprise system operate as designed and prosperity will take care of itself. So it must be a candidate who has a history of turning economical downturns into economical upturns.Just like his initial run for the keys of 1600 Penn. Ave...promised to remake the American landscape and there were damned few who saw through the bushwa and were able to intuit what he really meant, it's time to "wise up"! Aside from doing great damage to the free enterprise system, Obama and his lies have "sissified" America. The GOP better be looking around for a stalwart...not someone like Boehner and his crowd who will run at the first sign of opposition.As I see it, the 12 Point plan the GOP promised to implement prior to the 2014 election would require high levels of courage and determination. To implement the plan, our people in Congress should search for...and find...a high level of DARING, such as that exhibited by the patriots who dumped the King's tea in Boston Harbor. So far they seem to have given up on Immigration and ObamaCare. Obama...have lied to us or have been found wanting as it applies to carrying out the needs and wishes of their constituents. They are demeaning themselves as cowards. Oh..there are a few heroes and heroines among them but they get shouted down by the majority of the Congresspeople who are only interested in remaining on the political gravy train--in their own damned party!!!It's like war, folks. If you don't win there's only one other alternative!!!Yes...2014 was a great victory but the pre-election strident voices of the winners have been hushed and the would-be heroes have rolled over--belly up--because they are afraid to to be labeled as dissenters or perhaps they have tasted the power and are loathe to confronting the exigencies of rebuilding our nation and possibly losing that power.Does COWARD come to mind?I have presented the problem. Please allow me to present a solution. There are a few potential conservative candidates out there who have exhibited a distaste for the "cut and run" methodology which seems to permeate the GOP and have made brilliant advances in their own venues, despite strident opposition from the fools on the left. Do you know who they are??? Who has had the determination...and pure confront the Unions and has won???  Jim Morris
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