Letter to Eric Holder from former FBI memeber
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Letter to Eric Holder from former FBI memeber

Attorney General Holder,It is unlikely that we met while I served in the FBI. That being said, we served at the Department of Justice (DOJ) during the same years and on the same “team” conceptually speaking. Including a tour at FBIHQ where I worked with the Department of Justice on a daily basis.
I begin my letter with this comment to highlight that I am not a bystander on the topic of law enforcement in the United States. I worked and managed a variety of federal investigations during my 12 years of service in the FBI, to include the management of several Civil Rights cases in the State of Texas. In fact, during my last tour in the Bureau, I was an FBI Supervisor responsible for managing federal investigations in nine (9) Texas counties, many of which were rural; in places where one would suspect that racism would flourish given the narrative often pushed by Hollywood and urban progressive elites like yourself. I performed this mission diligently and under the close supervision of two FBI managers; an Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) and Special Agent in Charge (SAC,) both of which happened to be African American and outstanding law enforcement professionals. I also performed this mission serving side by side with a variety of law enforcement agencies at the Federal, State and local level.I have observed you closely during your tenure as Attorney General and during these last tumultuous years; watching you negotiate a number of controversial public matters to include the ATF Fast and Furious scandal, IRS targeting of American citizens (those opposed to the Obama Administration,) the ignoring of US Immigration laws, DOJ criminal indictments of select news reporters and your management of several high profile criminal investigations involving subjects of race, notably African Americans.Rather, we live in a time today where the root cause of the majority of the problems faced in our broken African American communities can be attributed to the breakdown of civil order due to the wholesale rejection of institutional authority and the practice of counter-culture values; and most notably, due to the absence of strong, law abiding African American male leadership in fatherless black families. The reason that our local police officers are so often entwined in tragic events in black communities is because it is the police that have filled the void that should be occupied by moral and strong black men leading black family units with Godly values. You, Mr. Holder, especially, should be thanking the police rather than persecuting them for the gap they fill in these communities because if it were not for local police departments many African American neighborhoods would be in a state of total anarchy. Yet tragically, you and your race-baiting colleague Al Sharpton choose to remain silent because to speak this self-evident truth threatens to not only alienate and offend the most loyal voting constituency of the Democratic Party but diminish you and Sharpton’s self-serving power base in these suffering communities. God forbid that you would suggest individual citizens accept responsibility for their poor behavior and/or the failures of their communities. Rather, it is much easier to play victim and blame others for their problems.
Mr. Holder, we know FBI statistics on this topic and they tell a very different story than the one you and Sharpton preach. We know that young African American males, representing a tiny fraction of the U.S. population, are sadly the greatest perpetrators of violent crime in America when compared to their peers in other ethnic groups, and, we know that citizens of African American decent make up the vast majority of their victims. We also know that incidents where white police officers shoot and kill black perpetrators are rare and on the decline. We know further that legitimate Federal Civil Rights investigations, and the prosecution thereof, are miniscule when compared to the false narrative preached by you and others declaring rampant discrimination by American police officers.
In closing Mr. Holder I will leave you with this thought; you were given a rare opportunity to lead with integrity during a variety of divisive and controversial issues during your tenure as the 82d Attorney General of the United States and rather than be a man of moral courage you chose to further instigate racial tensions, advance false narratives and act a progressive political activist. Time and again you chose to “politicize” the Department of Justice rather than pursue justice in order to achieve the political objectives of President Obama and the Left wing faction of the Democratic Party. And now, tragically, we witness the fruits of your misguided and arrogant national leadership in the murder of two innocent police officers in New York City, assassinated by a man motivated by the flames of racial hatred that you personally fanned. How many more police officers will die in the coming days because of the perilous conditions you have helped create in this nation.
Mr. Holder, you deserve the failed legacy you helped create and history will judge you accordingly. As legions of NYPD officers turn their collective back on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, so too do countless Federal law enforcement officers turn our backs on you.
K. Dee McCownFBI (1997 – 2008)

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