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When Barack Obama took to the podium last week and announced his plan to legalize up to 5 million illegal aliens, he claimed that he had the authority to do so. He said over and over that he was only doing what the Constitution allows him to. But what the administration hasn’t publicized is the fact that the Department of Justice itself even determined Obama’s then-proposed actions to be unlawful.The DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel drafted a memo analyzing Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration. “As it has been described to us, the proposed deferred action program for parents of DACA recipients would not be a permissible exercise in enforcement discretion,” wrote Justice Department attorney Karl Thompson for the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion. Yes, even Obama’s DOJ determined his executive order is illegal and unconstitutional. Even worse? This was delivered to the White House on November 19. The next day, Obama completely ignored the OLC’s analysis and unilaterally implemented de-facto amnesty for illegals anyway! Here’s an idea: Congress should give Obama an absurd amount of money earmarked specifically and ONLY for deporting illegals. Then, defund the rest of his proposals. This could be done and is fairly simple. The first step would be stiffening the backbones of the GOP. Their impotence, as it applies to standing up for the wants and needs of their constituents, could stem from the fact that they have listened to the warnings from the other side of the aisle and their own RINOs to the point that they have come to believe they are impotent...self-fulfilling prophesy, as it were.  They are afraid of deviating from that warm comfort zone they've built for themselves on the fence...in the middle. Their mantra has become "run from the controversial and agree with the majority". They must be made to believe they are, in fact, the majority and it's time they adhere to the wants and needs of their constituency and shun the dire threats from the left. The bully boys and girls on the left LIE! Secure the playing field with the truth!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bans on the radical Muslim Brotherhood abroad combined with a historically large GOP majority in Washington could provide the impetus to pass the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act introduced earlier this year by Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., congressional sources say. The bill, which would effectively outlaw the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America, has attracted 19 Republican co-sponsors but has languished since being introduced in the House in July by Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. Since then, however, the Republicans have gained the largest majority in the House since World War II, while taking control of the Senate. And earlier this week, the United Arab Emirates joined Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia in outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood and many of its subsidiary organizations. UAE took the additional step of designating two U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front groups — the Washington-based Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and the Muslim American Society, or MAS – as terrorist organizations on par with ISIS and al-Qaida. CAIR is cited several times in the text of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act as a Brotherhood-controlled entity. Cair has infiltrated our Department of Education and has tried to make inroads into many venues in our society. Our school children, beginning in Kindergarten, are being taught that Allah is the true God and what we traditionally consider to be our God is, in truth, a minor deity. They are also being taught that they should not listen to their parents because their parents lie. This has been documented in many states and is being condoned. Were the first historically documented terrorists the Pilgrims who came to the United States? This is being taught!!! The progressives believe that before they can take over America, it must be torn down. Would it be too far from fact they believe the Muslim ideology is the tool they have chosen to accomplish their aim? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Here's an interesting poll from Liberty Investments:  The total number of people who voted in this poll: 64,647 1)Would you like to see the Keystone XL Pipeline completed and cross the border from Canada into the United States?89% voted: Yes, it will help the U.S. become energy-independent and positively impact the country.10% voted: No, we should not put the environment at higher risk when there are safer energy choices.0% voted: I don't know.2)Do you believe the Keystone XL Pipeline will have a great impact on economic recovery?12% voted: No, it is estimated that after construction less than 40 permanent jobs will have been created.86% voted: Yes, the pipeline will have long-term positive impacts to the economy and jobs.3% voted: I don't know.3)Do you think the U.S. should focus on new energy sources instead of continuing to rely on crude oil?30% voted: Yes, the U.S. needs to move forward as other countries have done and choose more environmentally-friendly energy sources.67% voted: No, the pipeline will bring the U.S. closer to energy security, make us less dependent on other countries and bring the price we pay at the pump down.4% voted: I don't know.4)Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically? 7% voted: Democrat37% voted: Republican5% voted: Libertarian22% voted: Tea Party24% voted: Independent4% voted: Other  Jim Morris

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