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Letter to Congressman

SUBJECT : 2014 Midterm Elections ......ATT. Mr. Pearce : It is very disappointing that I never receive responses from your staff any more , and I know you do not read any e-mails anyway , but I wanted to congratulate you on your re-election this past week on November 4th ! ....I DID VOTE FOR YOU ! .....I want you to know that the nation wide election results were MUCH more than a vote for the GOP and was a anti Obama / Stop Obama vote !....The American people want him and his agenda STOPPED !.....NO MORE executive orders unchallenged by Congress !.....That is why possible impeachment should have NEVER been taken off the table ! ....We the American people want his 6 year march toward socialism STOPPED !....We also DO NOT want bigger government managed by the GOP ! ...NO MORE crony capitalism , support for corporate big business only with little or no support for small business that create more jobs anyway ! ....I know lobbyists , Big corporations , the American Chamber of Commerce , etc. fund you guys , but the American people by at least 74% DO NOT want amnesty by a PHONY immigration bill ! .....We WANT the immigration laws we already have in place enforced and the border SECURED !.....WE are smart enough to know that the American Chamber of commerce only wants the cheap labor that costs Americans jobs ! ...If amnesty is passed this will create one party rule for the democratic party and will finish the GOP in the end !....The continuing resolution you voted for back in September only extended all of Obama's agenda and policies , i.e. Obamacare , funding for the ex-import bank ,planned parenthood , funding to the Syrian rebels ( A BIG JOKE )...Please Mr. Pearce go to work for the American people and I will be one of your biggest supporters in Ruidoso, NM. ....Please decide if the current House leadership is right or WRONG as I think they are ( Boehner , McCarthy , and Scalise ) .....They are RHINO'S and not true conservatives ! ....The American conservative base wants and DEMANDS CHANGE ! ....The Conservative base WON this mid-term election ! .....Please heed and take note of this and move this country back to CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC with liberty for all ! ....Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ! ......Sincerely , Ray Pinnell / Ruidoso , Nm.

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