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A thought or two

I sat down to watch a film clip which was supposed to identify the major threats to the United States. I wasn't expecting much and I got even less. The list didn't include:1. Obama2. Obama's Pen3. Obama's Phone4. Valerie Jarrett5. Harry Reid6. Nancy Pelosi7. E.P.A.8. NBC9. ABC10. CNN11. MSNBC12. CBS13. Hillary  Collectively, this list contains people and entities which have done more to neuter the U.S. Military than any foreign power. If it were to be fully implemented, ObamaCare, with its Death Panels, would ultimately kill more U.S. citizens than any war one might name. If fully implemented, ObamaCare would kill more people in its first year than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined. The salivating, Pavlovian minions of the administration would be complicit in the deaths."And who are these minions?" you might ask. "It starts with the above list," I would answer. Then, "It also includes every politician who supported ObamaCare and their staffs." ( See: Jay Carney, proxy, liar emeritus...whose nose, it is rumored, is having withdrawal convulsions from being so far up Obama's butt for so long. )The above list contains people and entities which have severely damaged the U.S. economy and we haven't yet begun to assess the damage. The list could also be the Board of Directors of the Liar's Club.The above assemblage is a collage-poster for rescinding the law which prohibits "public hangings". Allow me to point out that Obama and his malevolent sidekick E.P.A., with their attacks on the Coal industry, have marginalized America's power grid. As these coal fired power plants are forced to shut down, with a colder than usual winter on the way, a lot of Americans are going to get very cold. The large majority of the "green industry" power providers have declared bankruptcy and aren't generating enough power to provide lighting in their dysfunctional installations. Most of the others are begging for more taxpayer money. This is a shining example of the way Obama thinks..."I said it, therefore-it is." What it actually amounts to is "too little-too soon".When EPA was established, I remember thinking "this is tailor made for empire building bureaucrats and very likely will prove to be an albatross around America's neck." Their warped and twisted reasoning has been a testament to my prediction. It has become a "safe haven" for tree-hugging, save the three legged, pink tailed, pseudo-hermaphroditic, toothless lizard which is indigenous only to liberal ideology. Whenever American industry attempts to open up projects which could provide more jobs, bolster local economies, increase tax bases and generally improve our way of life, EPA finds a heretofore unheard of insect, organism, reptile or sub species which exists only on the proposed site of improvement and its existence becomes a primary concern which halts progress. Had the EPA been in existence in the 1800s, there wouldn't be railroads or highways. All sewers should terminate at 1200 Penn. Ave., in smelling distance of 1600 Penn. Ave. Then the administration would constantly be aware of what the E.P.A. actually is.   Jim Morris

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