Do you Dems understand ass whoopin now ?????
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Do you Dems understand ass whoopin now ?????

In a massive national rejection, the nation has divorced itself from Obama, his unpopular policies and failed agenda. It has finally said it is sick of his failures, and want this country to return to its traditional values, which include a belief in the free market for economic growth rather than big government growth. As Reagan said, government is not the solution, it’s the problem. The public loudly agrees. The public rejected Obama’s inept handling of the economy (it’s the economy stupid) and his ignorance and poor performance in foreign affairs and national security.
Obama’s ego confirmed the basis for this historic rejection last week when he said: Make no mistake about it, although I am not on the ballot, my programs and policies are.” His fellow Democrats ran for cover. He was told to stay home. Biden, ever the fool and always on the wrong side of common sense and reality, screwed up campaigns where he got involved. Hillary and Bill, building equities for her run, couldn’t even deliver their own state. In fact, Arkansas elected a Republican Senator, Governor and legislature. Their play book was to be the decisive factor in electing Democrats across the country and holding the Senate. They were going to take credit for saving the party from defeat and humiliation. Hmmm….and she’s supposed to be a brilliant political strategist? Maybe I’ll read her book. I note it’s stacked high on every book store's sale table.Look at the sweep: the Senate, the House, Governorships, and state legislatures. It’s extraordinary. Inside the beltway, the media sensed this coming earthquake and started the drum beat last week that this was going to be a Seinfeld election “all about nothing.” In other words, stay home GOP. Hardly. This was all about Obama, and make no mistake about it. And you can throw in Harry Reid, too, who became a welcome rally point for Republicans to get out the vote. I hope the media is truthful: this was not about Republicans — it was about Obama. The nation has decided he is incompetent, can’t govern, is not up to the job, has screwed up the country, is not honest and is not to be trusted. That’s not me speaking, it’s the polls.Some thoughts:—What happened to the GOP’s war on women? That dog don’t hunt no more. Several very sharp, smart GOP women were elected. Democrats couldn’t even turn out enough to elect women in Louisiana and Georgia. This tired old Obama charge didn’t work. —What happened to the “crazy extremists of the Tea Party?” They settled down, supported great candidates, and got out the vote. —What happened to the traditional Democratic battle cries against Republicans on abortion, contraceptives, and equality in pay? Vanished. Women realize economic issues, the prosperity of the middle class, and the safety of the country should be the decisive issues of today. —What happened to the famous Obama ground game? It was grounded and never happened. His balls have fallen off. Emperor with no clothes. Big hat, no cattle. His celebrity is over. His support is Blacks, unions, environmental crack pots, crack heads and those on excessive and unnecessary entitlements — and they apparently didn’t care. I’m eager to see how Hispanics voted in the mid-terms. They should evolve into Republicans cause they are hard workers and strong family people. They marry, stay home, make their kids do homework and go to college — unlike the Blacks. (No, David, that’s not a racist statement. It is supported by the demographics and numbers.)—Dirty Harry Reid, the Senior Citizen's "Girlie Man" was exposed once and for all and earns the credit for creating a “do nothing” Congress. Reid sat on bills to protect the Democrats from having to vote and explain their votes back home. He had the Senate in lock down for six years, depriving that great body from its purpose to deliberate and debate policy issues before the country.—The Democratic caucus in each house should fire their leadership of Dirty Harry and Miss Nancy and replace them with fresh faces who want to get something done. But they won’t. I hope they stay, cause they’re great targets and fund raisers for the GOP.—Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, will loose her job. Obama wants the party to take the blame, not him.—Obama felt so ignored last night, sitting in the sitting salon at the WHouse residence with that awful anti-American wife screaming at the TV, that he called his press office and told them to put out a statement that he was calling the leadership to meet at the WH on Friday. He was benched and his ego couldn’t accept that the power of his first two years ain’t never coming back. Bet he started smoking again last night. I believe he believed he’d hold the Senate and pull off another 2012. I’m reminded of Roger Dangerfield’s famous line: “I get no respect."—Watch the exodus of staff from the WHouse and among the political appointees in the agencies. They’ll get out while they can maybe get jobs as lobbyists, etc. and use their WH contacts for two years. Nobody with any future is going to wait until Obama is excused once and for all in 2016.—Obama should bea’em to it, and shake up his staff. His staff is all political — and, as Panetta said in his book, Obama doesn’t reach out and listen to others, he is very insular and relies on his close political people. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. If he wants to build a legacy, he should replace them with very competent private sector types and others with solid experience in getting things done. Washington is full of former administration people who will help if asked and listened to. —Obama’s cabinet members are tired and bored. He has ignored them long enough and they’re embarrassed over this election and Obama’s amazing disapproval ratings. Polls report 70% of the voters yesterday said they felt the country is falling apart. Exit polls showed only 1% of voters feel the economy is excellent. The overwhelming majority felt they are worse off today than when Obama was elected. The cabinet will start retiring and/or taking private sector jobs. --Eric Holder is holding on to the now vanished possibility that he’ll make it to the Supreme Court. Ain’t gonna happen now, even if a Justice retires right now.—Who is happiest over yesterday? The Joint Chiefs of Staff who will now deal with a helpful Congress which believes in a strong military and an American presence around the world. They are overjoyed! Finally, adults to deal with.—What’s one of the best things from yesterday? The GOP now takes over all the Senate standing committees, including Finance, Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Judiciary, etc., with the huge staffs and policy power of these bodies. Libs have been in charge, including Barbara Boxer of Environment and thus the thousands of job killing regulations. We can now stop Obama from appointing lib judges. This is one of the best results of the GOP take over. —Let the investigations begin: Thanks to Obama and Dirty Harry, the Senate has not carried out it’s obligation to provide oversight regarding the Obama scandals. That era ends in January and now we’ll see the power of both the Senate and the House investigate. That is part of their role in American government. These hearings have to be honest oversight inquires into corruption and incompetence, not show trials.—What does the GOP Senate do now? Show strong leadership. Take charge. Send Obama a positive, forward looking “let’s get this country moving again” piece of legislation every week. Build a platform to run on in 2016. Start easing up regulations, taxes, entitlements. Give Obama more direction on the war. Let’s either commit to really “defeating and destroying” ISIS or change course. Obama doesn’t have a clue what to do, and won’t trust the Joint Chiefs to guide him. —What does Obama do now? Shut up and listen. He will make a mistake if he tries to govern bu executive order. Drop the constant politics and try to learn what “governing” means. Try to work with the GOP in getting the economy and employment where it should be, and working together on national security. No matter what he says, Obama will not change. He will continue to be guided 1000% by politics and photo ops. He’ll spend more time in Hollywood, golfing and fund raising. Politically, hee was born and raised as a Muslim Socialist, and still harbors those basics. He therefore believes in big government and regulation of it’s citizens. That era, Mr. President, is over, so start compromising and stop bashing the GOP. As Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along?"—So with all these GOP men and women elected, the party has a terrific and deep field of candidates for 2016, including more than ten strong Presidential candidates — and plenty of women. And the Democrats have tired old Hillary who thinks "business doesn’t create jobs,” asks “what difference does it make” as to how and why our people were killed by terrorists in Bengazi — and who had no coattails yesterday. Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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