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Things that make you say "WTH"

Before a crowd over the weekend, Hillary Clinton declared that "businesses and corporations DO NOT create jobs". She did so as in a manner which could only be described as an overt covert aside, as if telling the audience a big secret. After choking on my morning coffee, I decided to call the Chamber of Commerce to get their spin on Hillary's big secret. I asked this individual if he'd like to comment on the statement."Businesses and Corporations are the heart of the economy," this individual told me, proving once more that the left in general...Hillary specifically...have no idea what they're talking about. It seems that Hillary advocates "trickle-up poverty". But this does prove that Hillary is ideologically "in bed" with Barak. I wonder....hmmmm...does Michelle know?Not the sun rises this morning, Hillary is trying to recant her statements and spin them in a different direction. How Bidenesque.Stepping up efforts to hold Islamic State extremists accountable for war crimes, the Obama administration said Thursday it was allocating$1.6 million to gather evidence of atrocities committed in Iraq. They will do so with the stipulation that it be a civilian trial with four pro-bono ACLU lawyers to each Caliph, rapist and headchopper. We wouldn’t want any of that mean Gitmo stuff...we can kill them but, for God's sake--no waterboarding . That would just further radicalize ISIL. If only our system of international justice wasn't being overseen by a democracy(??) of dictatorships. But considering the effectiveness and track record of international courts, the likelyhood of bringing even one ISIL killer before the bar of justice could best be compared with attempting to strike a gopher match on a wet bar of soap.  Response to the second fatal attack within a week upon Canadian military by Islamic fanatics has been one of "shock" and "surprise" but these killings were telegraphed by the agents of jihad. The assault upon Canada's Parliament by 32-year-old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a radicalized Islamist convert KNOWN TO CANADIAN AUTHORITIES and under official scrutiny, could only have surprised those blinded by political correctness and anal optitis...( a condition brought about by having one's head buried so far up one's rectum that it gives on a very crappy outlook ). Obama condemned the shootings as outrageous attacks saying, "We're shaken by it!", then added, "it's on a scale of the disappointment I experienced when I double boggied #4 at Congressional Golf Course."Like so many other school shootings that make national headlines, we don't know why the shooter at the Marysville WashingtonHigh School killed two people and severely injured three more on Oct. 24. It is, indeed, a tragic and regrettable act. His profile so far seems to be a well liked, well adjusted young man who was flourishing in his school environment. But the media was quick to point out that broke the law by merely picking up his father's Beretta. He further broke the law by carrying it out of his residence and transporting it to school. Here's where it gets iffy...the gun, independent of the young man, "unsafed" itself and began singling out targets. After shooting 5 people, that damned gun turned on it's transporter and killed him, which left the gun with only one had to surrender. As a precaution, I'm re-educating my own guns. They will only be permitted to exercise independent action when confronted with criminals and progressives...but then, I repeat myself.   Why are we standing idly by while illegal aliens kill citizens of the United States? In 2014, Obama has caused to be released 68,000 convicted alien criminals into our own communities. Need I remind you that the election is a mere week away. It's not hard to find out which politicians running for office supported  Obama and his ilk in this...yet another...ploy to degrade our culture and our homes. The State of Texas has averaged over 71,000 total criminal arrests per month in local Texas jails since February 2012. Within that criminal alien total, over 40% are recidivists – meaning they have at least one prior criminal arrest in Texas and were identified as a criminal alien at that time. From October 2008 through August 1, 2014, Texas has identified a total of 207,076 unique criminal alien defendants booked into Texas county jails. More than half of the charges are Class A misdemeanors and felonies, including 3,089 homicides and 8,070 sexual assaults. And the Obama administration has released many of these criminals back into our population. How long will we have to suffer these acts which, by original intent, are designed to destroy our society? Do you homework! Search out the candidates who have helped the Obama crowd dismantle our "land of the free and home of the brave"!The first clue in evaluating candidates in the 2014 election cycle is identifying these enemies of liberty and freedom. If they are running on the democrat ticket...they are very likely adherents of the Obama doctrine!!! No matter what they say, you might remember promises like "you can keep your doctor", "you can keep your medical plan", "there was nothing we could have done in was caused by a video", "the economy is doing just fine", "you didn't build that", I didn't know about the NSA spying" and "I didn't know the IRS was targeting conservative groups" to name a few. The easiest way to identify these Obamaites is "if their mouth is open, they're either eating or lying".     Jim Morris
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