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November article in the Buzzard Roost News

Well, this ol weather in Buzzard Roost country has shore been pretty, except it is drier than a pop corn fart out of an antelope. The weather boys are saying we might get some moisture this winter but saying it’s gonna be cold too.   Talking about unpredictable, we got an election that everybody is trying to predict , but I don’t think anybody has any more idea than a haint what’s gonna happen. I just hope you Republicans don’t set on your fat ass this time just because you don’t like some of the Republican candidates that are running. A bad Republican is better than any good Democrat…..oh, crap was that a oxymoron…a Good Democrat….they don’t exist any more. You know me & ol Estee K Bibbles , my mule barn partner ride our mules all over the country talking to folks & all we hear is we need to do something about them “radical” Muslims that are infiltrating this country & wanting to kill us. I think the big problem is how do you tell a “radical” Muslim from a regular Muslim. I personally don’t think there is much difference. The only difference I can see is, a “radical Muslim wants to cut your head off……a regular Muslim wants the “radical” Muslim to cut your head off….either way your gonna lose your damn head !!!! And the crazy camel ridin, towel headed SOB’s ain ‘t gonna ask if you are a Republican or Democrat before they whack your head off, the only question they are gonna ask ….”Are you a Christian”.  If you say yes you lose your head …..if you say no then you’re gonna have to answer to God some day….either way the outcome ain’t gonna be good. I want to know why we don’t run every one of them sapsuckers out of here & have it like Japan….they do not allow a Muslim in their country….zip, zero, nada  !!!! I know, every body says we got to give them religious freedom too….well, to that I say BS. Their religion is to kill all of us Christians in the name of Allah. That shore don’t sound like a very good religion to me. Of course, it would be hard to run them out of here when we got the Muslim in Chief in the White House & the six Muslims he got working in there with him, plus Valerie Jarrett, a Muslim from Iran,  calling all of the shots. I know, some of you folks tell me you think he is a Christian because he says he is…..well, this is the same lying sapsucker that told you that you could keep your own doctor & your rates wouldn’t go up with Obamacare isn’t it….huh, isn’t it ????? Well, what about these quotes :#1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”#2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”#3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”#4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”#5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”#6 “Islam has always been part of America”Well, if these quotes don’t sound like a card carrying Muslim I kiss your butt in front of the White House.  Now, I’m tellin ya folks, you better wake up….them suckers are here. Look at the converted idiot Muslim that cut off the woman’s head in Oklahoma City, all of the Muslims in Michigan & I am seeing more & more  BS laws changed to make sure we don’t offend them….well, screw them & the mule they rode in on….this country was founded “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”  not one nation under Allah.    Now , enough about “radical” Muslims. What about these “radical” Democrats. They are doing as much to destroy this country as the Muslims. I am to the point if you profess to be a Democrat & support the Democratic leadership of which the kingpin is Obama then you are a radical & that goes all the way down to local politics.  Now think about this for a minute…..Presidents 1 thru 43 racked up a little over 10 trillion in debt…..Obama has racked up almost 7 tillion in 6 years & he ain’t finished yet & the projection is it will be well over 20 trillion by the time he gets out which means he has doubled our National debt. He has issued executive orders that are come back to bite us in the butt someday, he has got the EPA &other regulatory authorities to issue regulations that have killed hundreds of thousands of jobs….just ask the coal miners in the East. And look at the scandals, just one after another. Why in the cornbread world would someone want to call themselves a Democrat & follow this kind of BS. My mule barn partner , Estee K Bibbles, said he rather be known as a piano player in a whore house than a Democrat. Now folks, we got a chance on Nov 4th to start changing this deal…….don’t blow it by setting on your fat ass & not voting or by voting for a Democrat to help continue this BS in Washington. And yeah, I know , you’re gonna have to hold your nose to vote for some of the Republicans, but is’s kinda like when your mama use to give you castor oil….it was hell to take but it was better than staying sick….so hold your nose & vote .

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