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Can you visualize the following lead-in appearing in some Muslim/Jihadist article somewhere? "In an act of lone-wolf heroism, Zale Thompson was attacked by four police offers and with only a hatchet, set about bringing Jihad to the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York. His counter attack Thursday left one officer wounded in the arm, another seriously injured in the head and a passerby wounded in the back as the infidel police fired, killing Thompson. He had left his home without his explosive vest but luckily brought along his hatchet. Rejoice brothers! He is beating up his first virgin as they engage in foreplay."Never in my lifetime did I believe this great nation would be taken down and withdrawn from its world leadership position by its own leadership. While some try to explain away the Obama administration's damaging policies by making excuses, they fail to face reality. This is a planned agenda. Anyone who doesn't realize this is the next candidate for a "hernia transplant".When then-Sen. Barack Obama announced in 2008 that he was going to fundamentally transform America, few Americans comprehended what that declaration actually meant. However, with his radical background and his leftist mentors and associates, his agenda became very clear early on in his presidency. Hell! He promised us to change things to the point that we would not like some of the changes and that those changes would be financially egregious to the citizens of the U.S. And we still elected him. What does that make us???With its many scandals, including the Benghazi tragedy, the perverse "progressive" ideology of the Obama administration, combined with its deceitful and manipulative methods, has corrupted normally nonpartisan government agencies. More importantly, it has infected the civilian and military leadership who lead their agencies. The openly gay members of the armed forces are now requesting that the rank they have attained, which is sewn to their uniform sleeves, be pink and the Pentagon is likely to approve as soon as they finish painting their hallways pink. I can hardly wait...the first gay Admiral or General receiving their flag in front of the picture of General Patton...which will animate before their eyes and and admonish them with Pattonesque gentleness.The core of the corruption is an attitude that flaunts the Constitution and takes the position that the president can do anything he wants with a pen and a phone that promotes an agenda, regardless of its impact on the country's national security. Obama has left so many footprints on the Constitution that it looks like an old doormat.We used to have giants in Congress such as John Stennis, Richard Russell, Tip O'Neill, et al., who were Americans first and party members second when it came to matters affecting our national security. Regretfully, other than a few in the minority, that doesn't exist today. What the majority of the knee-jerks don't realize is that when the Jihad hits the streets of the U.S.A., they'll be just as vulnerable as anyone else. And they'll wonder..."how can this be!! I helped them come here!" And as the Scimitar slices off their head, their last thought will be..."but I'm a Democrat!"Nonetheless, this assault on the Constitution was the catalyst for the implementation of "sequestration." It provided the vehicle for the unilateral disarmament and debasement of our military forces. In plain speak...TREASON! Yet we send 4000 Soldiers to "monitor?-regulate?-guard?-live with?-cure? the indigenous populations besieged with Ebola. What the hell are they doing there...except raising the risk of an Ebola epidemic in the U.S. when they bring it home with them? And that is a planned outcome!When our military forces return from those infected countries, they will have to be held in quarantine before they can return to their home bases. The Enterovirus D68 that is showing up in schools is the result of letting 75,000 unscreened children with various diseases cross our borders, and then relocating them throughout the country. This is unconscionable. Our southern borders must be closed now. And "we the people" hold the keys which will lock down our borders!The only real question is, how do you change the disastrous Obama administration policies that affect our national security? Obviously, the ballot box is one way, but the one institution that has the power to send an unmistakable signal that will be heard throughout the country is the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is time for them to live up to their oath of office — "to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic." The Obama administration has clearly violated the Constitution and must be held accountable. Since we no longer can count on Congress, the Joint Chiefs as a corporate body should voice their objections to administration policies that are threatening America's security and that of our allies. It's time to take back America.Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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