Who are the sexist??????
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Who are the sexist??????

Do you believe that biology is political destiny, and that a candidate who loses the women's vote loses the election? I believe that biology isn't destiny, and it's patronizing or cynical to act as if it were. Candidates win elections all the time without winning a majority of women. Even Republican candidates.For decades, pundits and politicos...mostly Democrats...have harped on the "gender gap" in American politics, which is widely understood to mean that Republicans are crippled on Election Day by their lack of appeal to women. I would remind the reader that to think that women don't consider the issues or vote for someone because the candidate is nice looking is democratic party think. It is true enough that women...especially unmarried women...are more likely to vote for Democrats, a function which has long escaped reason. But it's also true that men are more likely to vote for Republicans — a counter-gap that has spelled defeat for any number of Democratic hopefuls. At the presidential level, Democratic candidates have attracted more women's votes than their GOP opponents in each election since 1980, yet Republicans have won the White House in five of those nine races. Democrats obviously believe that "shiny" candidates will appeal to women ( see: Clinton, Bill and Obama, Barak ) yet isn't this belief sexist in and of itself.The gender gap hasn't been fatal to GOP hopes at the state level, either. "In every governor's race of the 1990s, the male vote for the Republican candidate exceeded the female vote for the Democratic candidate, thus producing a net GOP advantage," wrote Elaine Kamarck, a former senior staffer in the Clinton White House, in a 2003 CommonWealth magazine analysis.So why the obsessive focus on the GOP's need to do better among women? If the goal is to win elections, Republicans would presumably do just as well to play to their strength, concentrating on boosting their share of men's votes even higher. Alternatively, Democrats should be fretting about their man problem at least as much as the other team keeps agonizing over its woman problem.Sooooo. it's actually sexist to claim, or even consider, that "gender voting" is a relevant issue...except, maybe, for Gweneth Paltrow who seems to have the hots for Obama. Sorry Gwen, Michelle barricaded all the JFK tunnels.Using the criteria above, I think Joe Biden is out as a candidate. Can you envision him in a pair of cowboy boots and a G-string on a campaign poster?Jim Morris
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