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 LIFE ITS OWNSELF: AMNESTY IS _____________. ( YOU FILL IN THE BLANK )There are two Guatemalan illegal alien “children” – ages 16 and 17 – who were recently relocated to an Illinois detention facility. The Obama administration’s goal is to spread these illegal's across the country to minimize the outrage. Except, instead of throwing them in prison where they belong, the administration has been housing illegal aliens in what basically amount to resort communities. We should live so well and have these privileges. But then, we're citizens and have been oppressing the downtrodden, homeless, illegal and criminally intentioned people around planet earth since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Well, these two particular “children” have been awaiting an official hearing to determine whether they qualify to be “refugees.” To qualify, one must be intimately familiar with firearms and have at least three criminal charges against them in their country of origin. However, apparently Barack Hussein Obama’s generous amnesty wasn’t coming quick enough because the two escaped the "free comfort zone" of the detention facility and carjacked a 91-year old Navy Veteran.
Yes, you read that correctly. These two scumbags carjacked an elderly veteran and stole his car. The two Guatemalans watched as this 91-year old veteran walked out of a VA Hospital and picked up his medication before they jumped him. But, as we know, these youths were clearly misguided and their criminal bent would surely be cured once they are handed amnesty. The worst part of this story? These two illegal's were just months away from getting asylum and being released into the population. That’s how close they got to being legalized!For months, Liberals have been working to get amnesty for all the illegal aliens who crossed the border this summer. This has led the Obama administration to allow many of these illegal's to qualify as “refugees.” Hell!!! "We the people" have become the refugees!!!The Left loves to say that the illegal aliens crossing the border are “children.” They are so quick to show pictures of Hispanic children in diapers that pull on our heartstrings, but they neglect to mention that the average age of these “Unaccompanied Children” is around 17 years old. The kids in diapers didn't toddle across the border towing their diaper bags!It’s well documented that the illegal alien “children” coming across the border have gang connections. But time after time, we’re told that they’re “victims.” We’re told that we have to give these illegal's amnesty because it’s the “right thing to do.” This is tantamount to calling "The Zodiac Killer" a victim. I'd suggest that the loopy fools calling these criminals victims are in dire need of a very powerful laxative...they are too far gone for Ex-Lax to be palliative!How many other illegal's are on the waiting list for amnesty and would just as easily attack an elderly veteran, or any U.S. citizen for that matter? Why would I even ask this question? Because in a matter of weeks, these people will be legalized and free to commit as many crimes as they want without fear of extradition. Democrats care more about buying Hispanic votes than protecting Americans...their own damned citizens..from these violent criminals! 60,000 of them!!!One of the ironies of life is that the Democrats have assumed as one of their favorite themes the Stygian Monster which we know as "Amnesty". Even LIVs know that ultimately...logic will prevail! Carrying this premise merrily forward, we let proven criminals enter the country, give them amnesty and expect them to be law-abiding and economically contributing citizens because we've been NICE to them. And the democrats go blithely forward, presumably convinced that one or more of these miscreants and felons will some way...harmfully affect their own lives? The same scenario applies to the feckless and clueless members of the mass media who likely believe that at night angels come and carry away their sewage in scented bags. The mainstream media is covering it all up. You didn’t hear about this story in the news, did you? The majority of Americans will never hear about these brutal stories and Obama and his liberal allies will continue their push for complete amnesty. They are criminalizing the United States!!!
Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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