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California proposition 46

I would like to shed some light on the California Proposition 46 coming up on the California ballot .This information will not do any good in California but if it passes it will be certain to show up in Texas politics quickly .
The pre - election propaganda paints all 130,000 + California Doctors as drug users causing much pain / suffering . Therefore the bill wants all DOCTOR's to be drug tested . There is also the provision that the current caps on malpractice AWARDS be lifted and increased while reducing the lawyer fees - on awards of over $250K as I understand the bill .I had much rather get 20% of millions then 35% of $250 K .There are other awards in a malpractice suit that have no cap , takes some reading and investigation to find that out .
6% on California's Doctors are responsible for 58% of all malpractice suits - some with as many as 4 + suits . 
While drug testing Doctors may be a reasonable idea why are they , and they along singled out ? Why not nurses , tech's and management also included ? I challenge you to read the stats on that group being sued .
What about pharmacists and their staff's ? Easy to paint a Doctor as a villain when they have the most responsibility and that is where the loot is .
What about the Professors teaching medical classes and the about 1000 new Doctors given a license each year tested randomly ? What about the California oversight on Doctors? Why are Doctors with multiple suits still practicing ? Are their licenses pulled and are they retrained before given the license back. What schools did those with the most malpractice suits attend and get licensed from ? I would want to know , they may well need some serious oversight themselves .
There is absolutely nothing in Prop 46 in California that will serve to actually solve and reduce the incidence of malpractice or that will serve to reduce drug use through out the entire medical community . They are hell on tobacco use and mum on drug use .
This bill has singled out only one facet of the problem , painted them all as drug users painted a bullseye with a dollar sign on them . They say there is a drug problem with Doctors while everyone else in the entire system is given a pass . This bill solves absolutely nothing , nor does it lay the ground work for any meaningful attempt at actually reducing malpractice rather then penalize those who have actually committed malpractice.
There are nursing homes in Texas that require drug testing of all employees and play hell keeping staff because of that policy .
I guarantee that if Prop 46 passes in California passes we will soon see a carbon copy right here in Texas . Got any idea where Abbott and the new crop of Texas pols stand on this ? Better find out and the medical community should be front and center and start now .
There should also be less resistance to those who inform management of bad procedures / drug abuse. Too much intimidation to those who try to enlighten those in charge of abuses.

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