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Security? Where???

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson will face questions about how an armed intruder jumped the White House fence and made it as far as the East Room when she testifies before a House committee on Tuesday. The revelation that the intruder made it much farther than originally known came on the eve of a scheduled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that will address the breach, as well as lawmakers' "concerns" about the Secret Service's security protocols.A series of what one source called "catastrophic" security failures apparently allowed the intruder to get deep into the White House. The Administration and media are treating this like it's a one time phenomenon but the plain and simple truth of the matter is that this is one of a series of security breakdowns that have made this country more vulnerable than it has ever been...EVER!There are myriad reasons this is just another security screw-up and, frankly, the administration is lucky that the intruder was not a...dare I say it...Muslim terrorist with several pounds of C4 strapped to his chest. And yes...I said "the administration is lucky": I didn't say WE were lucky!And where were the Secret Service personnel? With their current reputation for chasing "hookers and highballs", perhaps they had something other than the tactical views pulled up on their monitors...say, "Debbie Does Dallas" or "Deep Throat"? Being protected by the Secret Service has become synonymous with being in the protective custody of the Dallas Police Department...just ask Jack Ruby ( if you know a good 'medium' ).The lax security attitude which seems to permeate the Obama administration is not surprising and I don't think the Secret Service is solely to blame. Take a look at our Southern border. Since Obama told the Border Patrol to "stand-down" and let the illegals into the United States, a lot of what we used to consider security has been flushed. We haven't begun to see the damage from this! New viruses and medical conditions merely presage what is to come and that includes biological agents introduced into our society by the poor, "innocent aliens" flooding our borders.With a president who labels a threat which is more barbaric than anything we've seen as J.V., we're in for a bumpy ride! But then, many of us knew this back in 2007. And wasn't it a Muslim Terror intern that beheaded a woman in Oklahoma? And we're led to believe this was not an act of terror...Muslim terror? C'mon, Barry. Those cow-patty sandwiches you keep trying to feed us are starting to taste like what they are, even to your own acolytes. Let's face it. A president who has no idea of what his office stands for, backed by a staff who knows even less that the president, is exactly what I said it would be in 2008. It's a Ship of Fools!Benghazi is yet another sorry instance of faulty security protocols. When Barak, Hillary and the other fools were watching the satellite feeds from Benghazi in the White House, what did they think they were watching...a Bruce Willis rerun? The lives which have been lost to date due to poor national security are but a smattering compared to the lives of Americans which will likely be lost before we can rebuild what Obama has destroyed...either through ignorance or original intent. But we can never reclaim our nation as long as the concept of Political Correctness reigns.B.O.H.I.C.A.!!! We're much more vulnerable than you think!!! Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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