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Our schools

Does it ever bother you that the children in our schools are being regulated into robotic zombies? Originalism and American exceptionalism have been flushed down the toilets in every school in the land. Isn't Common Core the diametric opposite of originalism? I ask you this as merely a lead-in. I expect Common Core to die on the vine in schools located in most states, excluding, of course, California, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, New York, Mass. and a few other states who want their people to be automatons. Washington state and Colorado are mentioned because, due to state law changes, "Who gives a damn, Man. Yo, don't Bogart that joint, Mom!"The truth is the government has moved into the hallways and classrooms across the nation...even into the cafeterias. Our children and grandchildren are told what to wear and when to wear it, what to say, what to eat, what flag they'll be studying under on any particular day and why being "white" is a burden wrought by their grandfathers who fought in War II and their parents who fought in Vietnam--or, God forbid, both.The liberal, progressive ideation that everything which made this nation great is, in fact, perfidy and idolatrous materialism permeates our education system. It is not beyond the realm of reason that a young man would walk into his grandfather's study, see the shadowbox of medals and devices won in Korea or Vietnam and exclaim, "This purple medal means you were wounded doesn't it, Grandpa?" Receiving an affirmative answer, the grandson would continue, "Well, at least the Vietnamese got in a couple of licks before all you baby killers wiped them out." Oh! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandpa!There are teachers in every school which tend to be more of a liberal spy than a teacher. Nothing goes on that isn't observed and recorded...and reported. So entrenched has the progressive iteration in our schools become that parents are expecting the time when their children will have to show up to school in uniforms and Jackboots. "Das Kapital" will become the first grade reader.The point here is that our schools have become the observation and regulation points in our society. The scrutiny throughout our education system is almost microscopic. Maybe they don't have time to scrutinize all the schools.  Read on...A radical jihadist group responsible for nearly 50 attacks on American soil is operating 35 terrorist training camps across the nation...in which some of our children and grandchildren are being taught/schooled, but the U.S. government refuses to include the organization on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorists. In a recruitment video captured from Gilani’s “Soldiers of Allah,” he states in English: “We are fighting to destroy the enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.” And they are recruiting and teaching young Americans. A Justice Department report to law enforcement agencies, prepared in 2006, provides a glimpse into how long Jamaat ul-Fuqra or “Muslims of America” has been operating inside the U.S.: “Over the past two decades, a terrorist group known as Jamaat ul-Fuqra, or ‘Community of the Impoverished,’ has been linked to multiple murders, bombings and various other felonies throughout the United States and Canada.”Seven of the compounds have been identified as training facilities: Marion, Alabama; Commerce, Georgia; Macon, Georgia; Talihina, Oklahoma; York County, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee and Red House, Virginia. Other compounds are located in California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan and West Virginia.Children are being educated and indoctrinated at these sites...and more...and there is no Department of Education presence there. Why? This is the United States, isn't it? Shouldn't the Department of Education be monitoring and observing any institution of learning within the U.S borders.? Why hasn't the Teacher's Union protested and picketed these places. Why are our nation's educators failing to scrutinize these sites with the same intensity under which they scrutinize our public schools? Isn't this inequality? When a new school starts up in a new community in the United States, isn't it required to hire teachers which have been vetted and qualified by the Department of Education? Why??? Soooo. To tie a ribbon on this, the Department of Education, the TEA, PTA and all the other education organs are not pressing their scurrilous protocols on schools which are being taught by our enemies, teaching our children their terroristic views IN our own country. Where's your equality? "There is little Johnny.Little Johnny has a knife.See little Johnny cutting little Joey's head off.Cut, Johnny! Cut!Bleed, Joey! Bleed!"
  Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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