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All you white folks read this

Blacks didn’t elect obama…you white folks sitting on your fat ass did  !!! Vote next month    Man, this ol Buzzard Roost weather has shore been nice the last few days. Even got a little rain thrown in there. Even been a little too cool for Nellie Frecklebelly & the Fudpucker sisters to lay out sunning in their bikinis….thank God for small blessings….no, wait a minute…thank God for big blessings….them is big ol gals.
  Talk about blessings. I just heard that Eric Holder was going to resign this afternoon & if that happens we will all be celebrating down at the Buzzard Roost Bar & Grill tonight. But the other side of the coin is, who Obama will replace him with. Don’t be surprised if Holder’s replacement is a Muslim or pretty close. Obama has appointed a lot of Muslims since he has been in there.
  Now folks let me remind you sapsuckers out there that we have an election coming up next month…yeah, yeah I know it is a mid term election so nobody gets too excited about it. Well you better get excited about it. If them suckers get to keep the control of the Senate and know they can’t be impeached…we can kiss our fat ass good bye. I think we will see things we never thought we would see in our life time. And right now it is 50- 50 on taking over the Senate. We have to pick up 6 Senate seats and the Democrats are pouring money into those races trying to hold on.
  Now me and my mulebarn partner, ol Estee K Bibbles get around talking to people all over , especially in bars where after about 4 beers they able to express their self a little better & louder. And nearly all of them are madder than a stomped on possum about the mess our government is in. I mean everything…the real unemployment is higher than a rooster on a windmill, welfare has just skyrocketed, Obama has got the debt all the way up to 17 trillion, we got people pouring in over the southern border, Obamacare is just a slow moving train wreck & all of it has not even kicked in yet, we’ve got scandal after scandal….fast & furious, IRS, spying on us, & Benghazi and nothing is happening because Boehner & our illustrious Congress is afraid of Obama & Holder because they are black. Well, I don’t care if they are pink & yellow……color is no reason to let them bastards break the law. And the Middle East is a just a total ass wreck and just keeps getting worse by the week.  And I still hear some of you yahews saying you can’t believe Obama got elected twice….and then the one that gets me is …well, the blacks elected him so they would have their first black President. Well, I got news for you….the blacks did not elect him…what got him elected was a bunch of white honkeys that set on their fat ass and did not go vote while also saying …”there is n o way Obama will get elected & then “well he shore as hell won’t get elected again”. Well, I got bad news for you ….he did& he did again. Now let me give you some Buzzard Roost facts. America has 207 million eligible voters….but & this is a big but…..only 125 million voted in 2012….65 million for Obama & 60 million for Romney. Now time out….go get you a beer so this can soak in ……there was 1.7 million more blacks voted for Obama in 2012 than did in 2008. Now for the white boy stats….100 million whites voted in 2008, but only 98 million whites voted in 2012. Now before you spill your beer trying to do the math let me simplify it for you. This means that 1.7 million more blacks voted…..& you can pretty well bet your sweet ass that they voted for Obama, while 2 million white folks set on their ass cause they didn’t like Romney. So 1.7 more black votes & 2 million less white votes comes to nearly 4 million difference, which is getting close to the margin Obama won by. ….NOW, there is a figure I don’t have the exact amount on …like voter fraud….like the ol black woman that admitted she voted 10 times for Obama in Ohio ( and they didn’t do a damn thing to her ) so there is a possibility that the black vote could have been 1.7 million  x 10 = 17 million more votes. Now my point is….two things….the blacks didn’t elect Obama…you helped by setting on your fat white ass & repeating “there is no way he can get elected again” & not voting cause you didn’t like Romney. The Republican Party needs to get their head out of their ass & run a good conservative candidate that we can get behind & be proud of (which they are not going to do…looks like they are going to recycle Romney) & if you are eligible to vote get off you fat ass & vote in 2014 & 2016 & quit setting around saying they is no way in hell they will elect Hilary
  Don’t vote Democrat  or Republican…Vote for a Conservative 2014 & 2016

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