God where are you ????
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God where are you ????

God is all but out of the military now, just like God was removed from our public schools. And what kind of shape are the public schools in? Even before Common Core, kids weren't learning a damned thing. And now, of course, not only are we "teaching" children the ridiculous Common Core crapola, but children are being abused and molested by teachers, and it takes up to 7 year and $500,000 to fire a teacher. The teachers unions have seen to it that teachers cannot be fired, even if a pedophile teacher is caught with his/her pants down having sex with a child.So now Obama has done the same thing to the military. Now, you can't put a bible verse on your white board in your dorm. Now, you may omit "God" during your oath in the air force. They've even tried to remove the Gideon Bibles from on-base hotels - and that was overturned but probably temporarily.Obama has homosexualized the military - now it's a welcome place for people who chose to have perverted, depraved sex with people of the same sex. Godlessness and sin have permeated the US Military, and you want God to BLESS and PROTECT them?God has been purged from all public buildings except churches. Do you think God may be thinking about wiping the slate clean and starting over? Although God does not exhort His people to behead or otherwise fatally dispense with non-believers like Allah, He is known to take care of those who oppose Him in His own way. I fear that the United States could feel his wrath...not necessarily for sins of commission but, rather, sins of omission ! We may have allowed ourselves to be led outside of the Church!God isn't likely to protect the military anymore than God protected America from 9-11. This country is replete with sin! We marry homosexuals, we force businesses run by people with good morals to do business with homosexuals; we happily murder 3,500 to 4,000 babies a day in this country - And Barack Obama, whose agenda couldn't be further from Godly, asks God to BLESS America at the end of his speeches? Have we Christians become too accustomed to turning the other cheek?I've been questioned by a number of people for implying that God was not going to bless our military the way He's done in the past. Throughout our history, during the revolutionary war, during and after the Civil War; During WWs I and II - God clearly and obviously protected our military and gave us blessings that resulted in wins for the good guys. Now? What possible motivation would God have to bless our military now? What is different between then and now? Could it be that we Christians have allowed ourselves to be complicit in this country's move away from God by our own collective passivity? Has our passionate, patriotic resolve to live free, unencumbered by the indices of big government...ours and others..., dissolved beneath the weight of feckless rhetoric and political correctness? Or has political correctness blinded us...rendering us unable to recognize the real enemy? If we could call Washington, D.C. "Sodom", then we might identify or label California, Colorado and Washington State "Gomorrah"?I was asked, why do I think God would leave the good people in the military hung out to dry because of the sins of a few? But it is not about the few who are homosexual. It is about the military leaders and the general failure to lead and, instead, cower before big government and political correctness, within the military as a whole. Many good children from good families have suffered, some greatly, because of the cowardice in our Military leadership and the corruption within our government. "The God who gave us life, gave us liberty." ( Thomas Jefferson ) but..."God giveth; God taketh away." ( Job 1:21 )Jim Morris
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