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Climate change & Hollywood

Can a Hollywood actor be a credible source when it comes to something as complex as climate science? Not likely. However, simply being a popular Hollywood actor does not, in and of itself, make one an expert on climate change. In fact, it should raise a lot of red flags when people start turning to Hollywood for credible information. However, Dr. DiCaprio. one of the myriad Hollywood personalities to step outside the venue which which makes him rich...and shiny...has brushed the dust off of his Doctorate in Climate Science and let the world know that he knows more than your typical American walking the streets about the science of climate change. To condense it further, Leonardo has become yet another Hollywood bottom feeder.The truth is the dire predictions that were once made by climate change alarmists haven’t come to fruition. Data simply does not show that the climate has been getting warmer, wetter or wilder at the accelerating pace some predicted it would. All the climate summits in the world and all the marches and rallies may ironically increase the collective carbon footprint, but they won’t change reality. Yo! Leonardo! The Titanic sunk because it hit an iceberg. not a whirlpool of boiling water. And the climate has cooled almost 1 degree F. since the Titanic plumbed the depths of the Atlantic. Holy Ice Cubes, Batman!However, drastic measures taken to combat climate change could harm economic growth. Increased environmental regulations, carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes all harm the economy. It's a damned gimmick, Leonardo! It's designed so as to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Since you're now rich, I guess you've come on board. Barbara is proud of you...nose and all.Where is the indignation from Hollywood over the harm these policies and others like them inflict on people who struggle simply to afford electricity and other sources of needed energy? But we're forgetting, folks care about causes--not people. Increased economic activity is one of the ways to improve quality of life for people in America and across the globe, but there will be less access to jobs, hospitals, schools and businesses if excessive carbon emissions regulations and other such schemes are enacted. This is one of those "equal and opposite" type of equations! You get richer and the stage hands get poorer. I wouldn't stand under that array of lights if I were you!Perhaps this is why the top leaders of countries such as China and India are skipping the summit. These countries have some of the largest populations, segments of which do not have reliable access to energy, and emit much of the world’s carbon. Their absence from this week’s Climate Summit is telling. The message of climate change and man's ability to do something about it, Leonardo, is "bushwa". The only entity capable of changing the climate is God. Leonardo. He seems to consider himself capable of playing your son in the "Second Coming". God. There are a lot of people...poor people...who might consider setting up an interview for you.Leonardo! The shoreline of the United States is the same as it was when all the false prophets sold out and told us that the melting icecap was going to shrink our country and submerge many of the islands which your status has enabled you to make your playgrounds. And how about all the "little" people who cater to your every whim and fancy. Your idyllic quest to sell out to the false prophets of global warming could well diminish the ranks of those who serve you. My God, Leo!!! You might have to make your own drink or have to clean your domicile yourself. And who would run all your errands? You might...God forced to turn into one of us "common folks". But you'd have a long way to go, Leo. As it stands, you wouldn't make a pimple on an real American's butt!Instead of being a “Messenger of Peace,” DiCaprio should aim to be a Messenger of the Market. The free market can improve peoples’ lives, create opportunity and prosperity and simultaneously help with stewarding the environment. That idea probably wouldn’t mesh well with DiCaprio’s progressive inklings, but it would actually help people live better lives. You are, Leonardo, yet another Hollywood "pimple on an abscess!" Tell Babs we said "Hi".Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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